Andy Beck in Teesdale

Teesdale. This landscape is where I call home. Consequently it will feature heavily on this website with plenty of walks and photographs and artwork complete with route cards, location details and other points of interest. The map shown below roughly delineates the area of Teesdale that I use for this page and is for guidance only. It is made up of the natural watershed of the upper reaches of the River Tees and its tributaries as well as the administrative boundaries at the eastern end.  

Key to map

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On Location Teesdale

A list of photographic locations and walks in Teesdale from Andy Beck
Locationdatewalk or location
West Loups’s Abandoned Farmstead24th March 2024walkWest Loups's ruined farmstead, Cothersone Moor, Teesdale
Low Force Teesdale27th April 2021Photographic locationLow Force lower falls
Cotherstone Moor27th April 2021Walk/ photographic location Lamb Hill, Cotherstone Moor
Winter at Bowes Museum15th Jan 2021Photographic locationBowes Museum and snow
Snow around Bowes Village15th Jan 2021Photographic locationBowes churchyard and castle
Upper Teesdale in Snow29th Jan 2020Photographic locationWinter in Upper Teesdale
Sheep and snow at Bowes6th Jan 2021Photographic locationBowes village sheep
Circular walk from Bowes13th February 2020walkBowes village
Frosty dawn at Raby Castle26th November 2016Photographic locationRaby Castle frosty morning
High Force from Holwick25th December 2020Walking routeHigh Force winter
Autumn snow at Low Force9th November 2016Walking routeSnowfall at Low Force
Winter in Upper Teesdale11th February 2020Photographic location Teesdale winter
Teesdale Waterfalls20th October 2015Photographic location/walkHigh Force Teesdale

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