Another day, different weather

Winter conditions around Bowes Village.

The one thing about living up here in the north pennines is that weatherwise hardly two days are the same. After my blog post of that bright winters dawn yesterday (The Early Bird) today was a different matter. We were greeted by a thick layer of snow that had fallen overnight. In fact it was still snowing as I tucked into my breakfast. No point in heading out anywhere today in the car, it was a case of staying local. The handy thing about living in a small village in the country is that within a short walking distance I can be in open countryside. So it was boots on, camera kit attached, dog lead hooked up and off we went into the white world. These are the resulting photos.

Bowes village
Bowes village under a blanket of snow
snow clearing
Gritters out in force this morning
winter walking
Dogs still need to be walked, despite the weather.
Gilmonby under a blanket of snow
Gilmonby near Bowes
Gilmonby, once described by Alfred Wainwright as ”a paradise”.
Winter cloak of snow on the Sleightholme road
Snow laden trees form an arch over our route
woodland snow
West Plantation, one of my favourite places, in all seasons
Larch in snow
Larch trees heavy with snow
West Plantation
The road through the wood
West Plantation Bowes
Standing pines. A view similar to one that I took recently in bright sunshine.
sheep in snow
The hardy sheep
lone winter tree
Lone tree with three gates, we go through the one on the right
Lady Myers farm
Tucked away. A farm I have passed hundreds of times but today is my first photograph of it.
Pennine way bridge
Footbridge over the River Greta
River Greta
The view downstream. The only colour coming from the peaty water
Pennine Way near Bowes
The bridge is part of the Bowes Loop of the Pennine Way.
The Greta valley
The Greta works its way down the valley.
Bowes Castle
Bowes castle in the fog
Bowes Castle
The remains of Bowes Castle and the church
Bowes Castle in winter
Not a bad feature to have behind your house.
Bowes street
and back in Bowes Village.

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