The Lake District

Those of you who have been following my Wainwrights in Colour project will know that over the past few years I have extensively covered all of the 214 Lakeland Fells listed by Alfred Wainwright  on my walks as well as other locations. Many of those routes have never been published but here is where to find them in the future. Of course it will take some time to upload the backlog of walks but hopefully you will find the wait worthwhile. The Lake District is sectioned off into seven regions as delineated by Wainwright in his Pictorial Guides. I will be adding the eighth region, that of the Outlying Fells shortly. In the map below I have roughly followed his method to partition off this huge area into workable regions.

Direct links to each region: The Eastern Fells, The Far Eastern Fells, The Central Fells, The Southern Fells, The Northern Fells, The North Western Fells, The Western Fells and The Outlying Fells.

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