The Lakeland 365 Eastern Region

Eastern Region

UPDATE: 28th January 2024 Due to work commitments progress has been slow with the Lakeland 365 Project but the observant will have noticed some new additions to the listings and images over recent weeks. I am now including two maps (one of which is included below) of the two regions covered by the project. This page covers The Lakeland 365 Eastern region. To find out more about the way these regions have come about why not read here

Please remember that working on this major list takes time away from my painting and other work. That’s why progress is slow. I hope that you still find the details provided informative.

All the fells in The Lakeland 365 Eastern region are here. Colouration of the symbols is related to the Wainwright Pictorial Guides dustjacket. That is apart from the purple coloured markers. These are most of the “draft” fells which didn’t make the final cut for the guidebooks. Many have yet to have full details and links to pages added but as I say, it is work in progress.

Each fell will eventually have its own page reached via a link where you can find a full description.

Below is a list of the Eastern Region Fells in table form. Again, work in progress so please bear with me.

If you are viewing this page on a mobile device you may need to turn it into the horizontal to see the whole table below.

Table Headings: Fell name is followed by (AW’s) listing. Height shown is the current measured height. Grid Reference is only 6 figure to give an approximate location of the summit(s). Image is a simple pencil sketch which will eventually be replaced by a watercolour sketch. Star rating is just for fun.

Angletarn Pikes1st, 2nd, PG2567m 1860'NY413 148Angletarn Pikes line drawing. Wainwright Angletarn Pikes
Arnison Crag2nd, PG1433m 1421'NY394 150Arnison Crag line drawing[usr 1.5]
Arthur’s PikePG2533m 1749'NY461 207Arthur's Pike line drawing. Wainwright Arthur's Pike
Ashstead Fell*HG454m 1490'NY558 031[usr 1.5]
BakestallPG5673m 2208'NY266 307Bakestall line drawing. Wainwright Bakestall
Bampton Common*1st, 2nd489m 1604'NY487 165Bampton Common line drawing. Wainwright Bampton Common[usr 2]
Bannerdale Crags*1st, 2nd, PG5680m 2230'NY336 291Bannerdale Crags line drawing. Wainwright Bannerdale Crags
Beda Fell/ Beda Head1st, 2nd, PG2509m 1670'NY429 172Beda Fell line drawing. Wainwright Beda Fell
Bigland BarrowOL193m 633'SD364 840
Binsey*PG5447m 1467'NY226 355Binsey line drawing. Wainwright Binsey[usr 1.4]
Birk Fell1st, 2nd509m 1670'NY403 183Birk Fell line drawing. Birk Fell Wainwright
Birkhouse Moor1st, 2nd, PG1718m 2356'NY363 160Birkhouse Moor line drawing[usr 2.4]
Birks*1st, 2nd, PG1622m 2041'NY 382 145Birks line drawing[usr 1.4]
Blencathra (Saddleback)1st, 2nd, PG5868m 2848'NY323 277Blencathra sketch, pen and wash by Andy Beck
Bonscale PikePG2524m 1719'NY454 201
Bowscale Fell1st, 2nd, PG5702m 2303'NY333 305Bowscale Fell line drawing. Wainwright Bowscale Fell
Brae FellPG5586m 1923'NY289 352
Branstree/Artle Crag/Brant Street*1st, 2nd, PG2713m 2339'NY478 100
Brant FellOL191m 627'SD410 961
Brock Crags*1st, 2nd, PG2561m 1841'NY417 137Brock Crags line drawing
Brunt KnottOL427m 1401'NY484 006
CapplebarrowOL513m 1633'NY508 503
Carl Side1st, 2nd, PG5746m 2448'NY255 281
Carrock Fell1st, 2nd, PG5663m 2175'NY342 336
Castle FellHG478m 1568'NY570 015[usr 1.5]
Catstye Cam1st, 2nd, PG1890m 2920'NY348 158Catsty Cam line drawing[usr 3]
Caudale Moor/Stony Cove Pike*1st, 2nd, PG2762m 2502'NY419 100
Clough Head(not named)1st, 2nd, PG1726m 2382'NY334 225Clough Head line drawing
Dodd*PG5502m 1647'NY244 273
Dollywaggon Pike1st, 2nd, PG1858m 2815'NY346 131Dollywaggon Pike line drawing
Dove Crag1st, 2nd, PG1792m 2598'NY375 104Dove Crag line drawing
DunmalletOL240m 787'NY468 246
Fairfield1st, 2nd, PG1873m 2864'NY359 118Fairfield line drawing
Fewling StonesOL509m 1670'NY513 118
Finsthwaite HeightsOL230m 755'SD362 880
Froswick1st, 2nd, PG2720m 2362'NY435 085
Glenridding Dod1st, 2nd, PG1442m 1450'NY381 176
Gowbarrow Fell1st, 2nd, PG1481m 1579'NY408 218
GrandsireOL251m 823'SD432 973
Gray Crag*1st, 2nd, PG2698m 2290'NY427 119
Grayrigg Common (Grayrigg Forest)HG494m 1621'SD599 998
Great Calva1st, 2nd, PG5690m 2264'NY291 312
Great CockupPG5526m 1726'NY273 333
Great Dod*1st, 2nd, PG1857m 2812'NY342 205
Great LadstonesOL440m 1444'NY532 124
Great Mell Fell1st, 2nd, PG1537m 1762'NY397 254
Great Rigg*1st, 2nd, PG1766m 2513'NY356 104
Great Sca FellPG5651m 2136'NY291 339
Great YarlsideOL591m 1939'NY525 076
Grey Crag*PG2638m 2093'NY497 072
Hallin Fell1st, 2nd, PG2388m 1273'NY433 198Hallin Fell line drawing[usr 1.6]
HampsfellOL222m 728'SD399 794
Hare ShawOL500m 1639'NY498 133
Harper HillsOL419m 1375'NY510 144
Hart Crag1st, 2nd, PG1822m 2697'NY369 112
Hart Side*1st, 2nd, PG1756m 2480'NY359 197Hart Side line drawing
Harter Fell (Mardale)1st, 2nd, PG2779m 2556'NY460 093Harter Fell (FE) line drawing[usr 2.9]
Hartsop Above How1st, 2nd, PG1581m 1906'NY383 120Hartsop Above How line drawing
Hartsop Dodd*1st, 2nd, PG1618m 2028'NY411 118Hartsop Dodd line drawing. Wainwright Hartsop Dodd[usr 2.0]
Helvellyn1st, 2nd, PG1950m 3117'NY342 151Helvellyn sketch, pen and watercolour by Andy Beck
Heron Pike1st, 2nd, PG1612m 2008'NY356 083
Heughscar HillOL375m 1231'NY488 231Heughscar Hill line drawing. Wainwright Heughscar Hill[usr 1]
High Dodd1st, 2nd501m 1644'NY416 182High Dodd line drawing. Wainwright High Dodd
High Hartsop Dodd1st, 2nd, PG1519m 1703'NY394 108
High House BankOL495m 1624'NY543 048
High KnottOL275m 902'NY454 001
High Pike (Caldbeck)PG5658m 2159'NY319 350
High Pike (Rydal)1st, 2nd, PG1656m 2152'NY374 088
High Raise (Far Eastern)1st, 2nd, PG2802m 2631'NY448 134
High Rigg1st, 2nd, PG3357m 1171'NY309 220
High Street1st, 2nd, PG2828m 2717'NY441 110High Street pen and watercolour sketch by Andy Beck
High Wether HoweOL531m 1742'NY515 109
Hollow Moor (Green Quarter Fell)OL426m 1398'NY469 040
Hugill FellOL265m 869'SD462 994
Humphrey Head*OL53m 174'SD391 738Humphrey Head line drawing. Wainwright Humphrey Head.[usr 1.5]
Ill Bell*1st, 2nd, PG2757m 2484'NY437 077[usr 2.8]
Kentmere Pike1st, 2nd, PG2730m 2395'NY466 078
Kidsty Pike1st, 2nd, PG2780m 2559'NY447 126
Knipescar CommonOL342m 1122'NY526 191[usr 1.2]
Knott1st, 2nd, PG5710m 2329'NY296 330
Lamb PastureOL367m 1204'NY535 021
Langhowe PikeOL401m 1316'NY528 135
Latrigg*1st, 2nd, PG5368m 1207'NY279 247
Little Hart Crag1st, 2nd, PG1637m 2090'NY387 100
Little Mell Fell1st, 2nd, PG1505m 1657'NY423 240
Loadpot Hill*1st, 2nd, PG2671m 2203'NY457 181
Long CragOL488m 1602'NY516 054
Long Side1st, 2nd, PG5734m 2408'NY249 284
Longlands FellPG5483m 1585'NY276 354
Lonscale Fell*1st, 2nd, PG5714m 2344'NY285 271
Lord's Seat (Whitbarrow Scar)OL215m 705'SD442 871
Low Pike1st, 2nd, PG1508m 1667'NY374 079
Mabbin CragHG482m 1581'NY565 022Mabbin Crag line drawing. Wainwright Mabbin Crag[usr 1.5]
Mardale Ill Bell1st, 2nd, PG2760m 2493'NY448 101Mardale Ill Bell line drawing. Wainwright Mardale Ill Bell
Meal Fell*PG5550m 1804'NY 283 337[usr 1.2]
Middle Dodd1st, 2nd, PG1654m 2146'NY397 096
Mungrisdale Common*PG5633m 2077'NY310 293
Nab ScarPG1450m 1476'NY355 072
Nabs MoorOL493m 1617'NY503 111
Nethermost Pike*1st,2nd,PG 1891m 2923'NY344 142
Newton Fell North (Saskills)OL239m 784'SD395 843
Newton Fell South (Dixon Heights)OL177m 581'SD414 816
Orrest HeadOL238m 781'SD414 994Orrest Head line drawing. Wainwright Orrest Head
Place Fell*1st, 2nd, PG2657m 2156'NY406 169
Raise1st, 2nd, PG2883m 2897'NY343 174
Rampsgill Head*2nd, PG2792m 2598'NY442 128Rampsgill Head line drawing. Wainwright Rampsgill Head
Raven's BarrowOL152m 499'SD413 880
Red Screes (Kilnshaw Chimney)1st, 2nd, PG1776m 2546'NY397 088
Rest Dodd*1st, 2nd, PG2696m 2283'NY433 137
Reston ScarOL255m 837'SD460 988
Robin HoodOL493m 1617'NY530 059
Sallows1st, 2nd, PG2516m 1693'NY437 040Sallows line drawing. Wainwright Sallows[usr 1.4]
Scalebarrow KnottOL338m 1109'NY520 153
School KnottOL232m 761'SD425 974
Seat Sandal*1st, 2nd, PG1736m 2417'NY344 115Seat Sandal line drawing
Selside Pike*1st, 2nd, PG2654m 2146'NY491 112
Sheffield Pike*1st, 2nd, PG2675m 2215'NY369 182
Shipman Knotts1st, 2nd, PG2587m 1926'NY473 062
Skiddaw*1st, 2nd, PG5931m 3054'NY260 291
Skiddaw Little Man (Little Man)*1st, 2nd, PG5865m 2838'NY267 278
Sleddale PikeOL506m 1660'NY536 094
Sour Howes*1st, 2nd, PG2483m 1585'NY428 032Sour Howes line drawing. Wainwright Sour Howes[usr 1.2]
Souther FellPG5522m 1713'NY355 291
St Sunday Crag*?1st, 2nd, PG1841m 2759'NY369 134
Staveley FellOL265m 869'SD389 869
Steel Knotts1st, 2nd, PG2432m 1417'NY440 181
Stone Arthur*1st, 2nd, PG1504m 1654'NY348 092
Stybarrow Dodd*1st, 2nd, PG1843m 2766'NY343 189
Tarn Crag (Longsleddale)PG2664m 2178'NY488 079
The Knott1st,2nd, PG2739m 2425'NY437 127
The Nab1st, 2nd, PG2576m 1890'NY434 152The Nab line drawing. Wainwright The Nab
Thornthwaite Crag*1st, 2nd, PG2784m 2572'NY431 100
Troutbeck Tongue*1st, 2nd, PG2363m 1191'NY422 064[usr 1.5]
UlgravesOL333m 1093'SD511 996
Ullock PikePG5690m 2264'NY244 288
Ulthwaite RiggOL502m 1647'NY515 093
Wansfell/Baystones*1st, 2nd, PG2487m 1597'NY403 051
Wasdale PikeOL565m 1854'NY537 085
Watson's Dodd1st, 2nd, PG1789m 2589'NY336 196
Wether Hill*1st, 2nd, PG2670m 2198'NY456 168
Whatshaw CommonOL485m 1593'NY542 061
Whinfell Beacon*HG471m 1544'NY5738 003[usr 1.5]
White Side1st, 2nd, PG1863m 2831'NY338 167
Yoke(Yolk)1st, 2nd, PG2706m 2316'NY438 067Yoke line drawing. Wainwright Yoke[usr 3.4]

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