Sour Howes

Sour Howes line drawing. Wainwright Sour Howes

Wainwright summit*: GR: NY42832 03198 1568’** True height: NY42765 03217 1585′ 483m

Summary: The name comes from “Sour” meaning poor boggy ground and “Howes”, an undulating hill top. This name describes the hill well. The fell is usually climbed jointly with the nearby top of Sallows. The quickest and easiest route is achieved by starting near Troutbeck church. These two fells are the most southerly of Wainwright’s Far Eastern Fells. They make for a pleasant half day walk but can hardly be classed as exciting. The short cropped grass that covers the summit area is ideal for spending time on a warm summers day admiring the higher fells away to the west.

Topographical features: ** This is another Wainwright top with some confusion. In compiling his list AW took the OS Spot height of 1568′ off the 6 inch map. This is located at GR: NY42660 03158. It is also where he plotted the summit cairn on his map in the Pictorial Guide. However, his drawing of the summit and it’s description of it being on “a ridge with walls of shaly rock” matches the recognised summit at GR: NY42832 03198. These two locations are over 100m apart with the true summit located almost midway between both points. In the guide the summit cairn is located too far west.

Points of interest: Very little on the way of interesting features on this fell. The old quarry marked on the maps to the west of the summit is private and not Open Access.

Tarns: none on the high ground of the fell. The nearest being Dubbs reservoir to the south west and Borrans reservoir to the south.

Waterfalls: none.

Adjoining Fells: Sallows

Nearest facilities: Car parking in a layby near Troutbeck Church (free)

Star rating: [usr 1.2] a simple fell with little in the way of virtue

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