The Lakeland 365

Following on from the success with The Wainwrights in Colour project, artist and photographer Andy Beck has now embarked on a new undertaking, The Lakeland 365. The plan is to visit, sketch, photograph and document all of the Lakeland Fells which Alfred Wainwright either included in his books or just considered when he first compiled his list for the famous Pictorial Guides. This is possibly the first time that such a list has been collated. Here Andy explains some of the reasons why some of the lakeland fells were listed and described or not by AW. Therefore this list could be considered as the “definitive” Wainwright Lakeland Fell list.

A detailed explanation of how the project came about and how the individual fells are listed on this site can be found on the Lakeland 365 introduction page.

The Lakeland 365 fells are divided into two regions ( as originally considered by Wainwright) The Eastern Region and the Western Region.

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