The Lakeland 365

An introduction to this new project.

The idea for this Lakeland 365 project evolved after Andy researched and studied the methods of how Alfred Wainwright developed his list of fells for inclusion in his seven Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland Fells. This research was for Andy’s major project and award winning book The Wainwrights in ColourInformation gathered regarding the background to the Pictorial Guides and the described fells has seemingly not been correlated before so here Andy is presenting all of those fells as well as the others named fells which AW included in other books which cover the Lakeland and Lake District National Park area. It just so happens that the combined total is 365*, hence the title- The Lakeland 365.

The Lakeland 365 by Andy Beck
Andy Beck above Ullswater

* How the Lakeland 365 list was compiled.

Andy took the total number of fells from AW’s original lists when he was compiling the names of fells for potential inclusion in the seven Pictorial Guides, this came to 230. In addition, when actually writing the guides AW incorporated another 29 new fells to make up his final 214. This makes a total of 259. Wainwright disregarded 45 fells from his first listings to settle on the final and definitive list of the 214 Wainwright Fells to feature in the Seven Pictorial Guides.

Adding to the figure of 259, Andy included the 104 named fells from Wainwrights later Pictorial Guide to the Outlying Fells. The list being taken from AW’s own listing in the back of the guide, he didn’t regard the 12 “nameless summits” as being worthy of listing so neither did Andy. However,in the process of working on this project Andy will be visiting the nameless summits out of interest and some details will be included. (Therefore to be pedantic this may become the Lakeland 377 list.) Three of these Outlying Fells were already included in the original lists so only 101 were added, bringing the running total to 360. The extra five fells on the list come from the recently extended Lake District National Park boundary and originally featured in the Walks in the Howgill Fells book. This brings the final total for this project to 365.

This database is firstly a list of the “Wainwright Lakeland fells” but with each fell will be links to many walks. Many of these were undertaken by Andy as part of his research for The Wainwrights in Colour. More routes will be added as he continues his work on this project. The advantage of being an online resource as opposed to a book means that details can be updated when needed. 

The Lakeland 365 Area

For this project the area covering the Lakeland Fells roughly incorporates the Lake District National Park with a couple of extensions to take in any “stray” fells. Using the A591 road the region has been divided into two halves, the Eastern and the Western.

Each fell has various sections: 

Heights and location. The original Wainwright summit location and height will be shown. Followed by the more updated data for location and accurate measurement of the true height. Often these are not one and the same. (See topographical details).

Summary: A brief outline of the fell including rough location.

Togographical detail: The Wainwright summit height, feature and grid reference*. Where necessary I will indicate the difference between the “Wainwright” summit and the true summit and why such a difference occurs. * As this project and list is based upon his work I thought that it was appropriate to give his information priority.

Points of interest: details of features whether natural or man-made which are in the area of the fell.

Tarns: From major lakes to small pools of water which lie in the vicinity. It is virtually impossible to identify every single puddle.

Waterfalls: Cascades of water of note.

Adjoining fells: Other hills which are directly linked to the featured fell.

Nearest Facilities: This includes pubs, shops, cafes etc and most importantly nearby car parking. Please note, we are not responsible for any websites linked from this page to such establishments.

Star rating: This is simply the author’s rough guide to the overall quality of the fell. It is a personal opinion and takes into account various aspects of the fell gathered from the paragraphs above. Such ratings are subjective.

Check walks for this fell: The walks that the author has done which include a visit to the named fell. These come from a huge archive of routes and will be uploaded randomly. The walk links will open on a new page.


  1. Fantastic idea and I am sure it will be a must read!

  2. Hi Andy
    Having done the 214 Wainwright fells for a local charity ‘Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakes’ in 8 months. I along with a friend decided todo the 116 Wainwright Outlying
    Fells then along came Covid so we still have 15 to do. When we doing the 214 fells many a time we would wonder why he did not add that fell or this fell, we found it strange so I will be most interest to discover the other 35 fells that were on his original list and hopefully be able to complete the definitive list before I am to old

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