The Lakeland 365 Western Region

Western Region

UPDATE: 28th January 2024 Due to work commitments progress has been slow with the Lakeland 365 Project but the observant will have noticed some new additions to the listings and images over recent weeks. I am now including two maps (one of which is included below) of the two regions covered by the project. This page covers The Lakeland 365 Western region. To find out more about the way these regions have come about why not read here

Please remember that working on this major list takes time away from my painting and other work. That’s why progress is slow. I hope that you still find the details provided informative.

Most of the fells in The Lakeland 365 Western region are here. Colouration of the symbols is related to the Wainwright Pictorial Guides dustjacket. That is apart from the purple coloured markers. These are most of the “draft” fells which didn’t make the final cut for the guidebooks. Many have yet to have full details and links to pages added but as I say, it is work in progress.

Each fell will eventually have its own page reached via a link where you can find a full description.

Below is a list of the Western Region Fells in table form. Again, work in progress so please bear with me.

If you are viewing this page on a mobile device you may need to turn it into the horizontal to see the whole table below.

Table Headings: Fell name is followed by (AW’s) listing. Height shown is the current measured height. Grid Reference is only 6 figure to give an approximate location of the summit(s). Image is a simple pencil sketch which will eventually be replaced by a watercolour sketch. Star rating is just for fun.

Allen Crags1st, 2nd, PG4785m 2575'NY237 085Allen Crags line drawing, Wainwright Allen Crags[usr 2.3]
Ard Crags1st, 2nd, PG6581m 1806'NY207 198Ard Crags line drawing. Wainwright Ard Crags
Armboth Fell*1st, 2nd, PG3475m 1558'*NY296 157Armboth Fell sketch. Wainwright Armboth Fell[usr 1.2]
Barf1st, 2nd, PG6469m 1539'NY215 267Barf line drawing. Wainwright Barf
Barrow*1st, 2nd, PG6455m 1493'NY227 218
Base Brown1st, 2nd, PG7646m 2119'NY225 115Base Brown line drawing. Wainwright fell Base Brown[usr 2.8]
Beacon FellOL255m 837'SD278 907
Black CombeOL600m 1970'SD136 855
Black FellPG4323m 1060'NY340 016
Blake Fell1st, 2nd, PG6573m 1880'NY111 197
Blawith KnottOL248m 814'SD261 884
Blea Rigg*1st, 2nd, PG3541m 1775'NY302 078
Bleaberry Fell*1st, 2nd, PG3590m 1936'NY286 196
Boat How1st, 2nd, OL337m 1106'NY177 034
Bow Fell*1st,2nd, PG4903m 2962'NY245 065Bow Fell line drawing. Wainwright Bowfell
Brandreth1st, 2nd, PG7714m 2344'NY215 119Brandreth line drawing. Wainwright Brandreth
Brim Fell1st, 2nd, PG4796m 2612'SD271 986Brim Fell line drawing. Wainwright Brim Fell
Broad Crag1st, 2ndBroad Crag line drawing
Brock BarrowOL229m 751'SD299 899
Broom Fell*1st, 2nd, PG6511m 1677'NY194 272Broom Fell line drawing. Wainwright Broom Fell
Brown Pike1st, 2nd
Brund-Fell-(Grange-Fell)*1st, 2nd, PG3416m 1365'NY264 162Brund fell line drawing[usr 2.1]
Buck BarrowOL549m 1801'SD152 910
Buckbarrow*PG7423m 1388'NY136 061Buckbarrow line drawing. Wainwright Buckbarrow
Burn MoorOL543m 1780'SD152 924
Burnbank FellPG7475m 1558'NY110 210
BurneyOL298m 978'SD261 859
Caermote HillOL289m 948'NY196 371
Calf Crag1st, 2nd, PG3537m 1762'NY302 104
Carling Knott*1st, 2nd.544m 1785'NY 117 203Carling Knott line drawing. Wainwright Carling Knott[usr 1.8]
Carron CragOL314m 1030'SD325 943
Castle CragPG6290m 951'NY249 159
Cat Bells1st, 2nd, PG6451m 1480'NY244 199Catbells sketch by Andy Beck
Causey Pike1st, 2nd, PG6637m 2090'NY219 209
CawOL529m 1735'SD230 945[usr 2]
Caw Fell*1st, 2nd PG7697m 2287'NY132 110
Claife HeightsOL270m 886'SD382 973
Clints CragOL245m 804'NY159 352
Cold FellOL293m 961'NY058 092Cold Fell original sketch by Andy Beck
Cold Pike1st, 2nd, PG4701m 2300'NY263 036
Crag Fell1st, 2nd, PG7523m 1716'NY097 144Crag Fell pen and watercolour sketch by Andy Beck
Crag Hill (Eel Crag)*1st, 2nd, PG6839m 2753'NY193 203
Crinkle Crags1st, 2nd, PG4859m 2818'NY249 049
Cunswick ScarOL207m 679'SD492 943
Dale Head*1st, 2nd, PG6753m 2470'NY223 153
DentOL352m 1154'NY037 130
Dow Crag1st, 2nd, PG4778m 2552'SD263 978
Eagle Crag1st, 2nd, PG3525m 1722'NY275 121Eagle Crag sketch. Wainwright Eagle Crag, Borrowdale valley[usr 2.4]
Esk Pike (not named)1st, 2nd, PG4885m 2904'NY237 075
Faulds BrowOL344m 1128'NY299 407
Fellbarrow*PG7415m 1363'NY132 242
Flat FellOL265m 871'NY051 138
Fleetwith Pike*1st, 2nd, PG7649m 2129'NY206 142[usr 3.2]
Gavel Fell*1st, 2nd, PG7526m 1726'NY117 184
Gibson Knott*1st, 2nd, PG3420m 1378'NY317 100Gibson Knott line drawing. Wainwright Gibson Knott
Glaramara*1st, 2nd, PG4783m 2569'NY246 105
Grasmoor1st, 2nd, PG6852m 2795'NY175 204
Graystones (Kirk Fell)*1st, 2nd, PG6452m 1483'NY176 266
Great Bourne*1st, 2nd, PG7616m 2021'NY124 164
Great Carrs1st, 2nd, PG4785m 2575'NY271 009
Great CragPG3449m 1473'NY270 147[usr 2]
Great End1st, 2nd, PG4910m 2984'NY227 084Great End and Styhead tarn sketch by Andy Beck[usr 3.7]
Great Gable1st, 2nd, PG7899m 2949'NY211 103Great Gable pen and watercolour sketch by Andy Beck
Great How (Thirlmere)1st, 2ndGreat How line drawing. Great How Thirlmere
Great Saddle CragOL560m 1837'NY526 087
Great StickleOL305m 1001'SD212 916
Great Worm CragOL427m 1400'SD194 969
Green Crag*1st, 2nd, PG4489m 1603'SD200 983
Green Gable1st, 2nd, PG7801m 2628'NY215 107
Green PikesOL420m 1378'SD236 951
Grey Friar1st, 2nd, PG4773m 2536'NY260 004
Grey Knotts*1st, 2nd, PG7697m 2287'NY219 126
GrikePG7488m 1601'NY085 141
Grisedale Pike1st, 2nd, PG6791m 2595'NY198 225Grisedale Pike line drawing. Wainwirght Grisedale Pike
Gummer’s How1st, 2nd, OL321m 1053'SD390 885[usr 1.5]
Hard Knott*1st, 2nd, PG4549m 1801'NY232 024
Harrison Stickle1st, 2nd, PG3736m 2415'.NY282 074Harrison Stickle line drawing
Harter Fell (Eskdale)1st, 2nd, PG4654m 2146'SD219 997
Hay Stacks*1st, 2nd, PG7595m 1952'NY193 132Haystacks sketch by Andy Beck, pen and watercolour
Haycock*1st, 2nd PG7797m 2615'NY145 107
Helm Crag1st, 2nd, PG3405m 1329'NY327 093Helm Crag sketch. Wainwright Helm Crag, Central Fells
Hen Comb1st, 2nd, PG7509m 1670'NY132 181[usr 1.5]
Hesk FellOL477m 1565'SD176 947
High Crag1st, 2nd, PG7744m 2441'NY180 140
High Light HawOL263m 862'SD303 905
High Raise (Central)*1st, 2nd, PG3762m 2500'NY281 095
High Seat*1st, 2nd, PG3608m 1995'NY287 180
High Spy1st, 2nd, PG6653m 2143'NY234 162
High Stile*1st, 2nd, PG7806m 2644'NY170 148High Stile line drawing. Wainwright High Stile
High Tove1st, 2nd, PG3515m 1690'NY289 165
Hindscarth1st, 2nd, PG6727m 2385'NY216 165
Holme Fell*PG4317m 1038'NY315 007
Hopegill Head1st, 2nd, PG6770m 2526'NY186 222Hopegill Head line drawing
HowesOL583m 1913'NY498 104
Hull How1st, 2ndHull How (Great Intake) line drawing
Hugh's Laithes PikeOL419m 1375'NY502 152
Illgill Head*1st, 2nd, PG4609m 1998'NY169 049
Irton PikeOL229m 751'NY121 015
King’s How1st, 2nd, PG3392m 1286'NY258 167
Kinmont Buck BarrowOl535m 1754'SD147 910
Kirk Fell1st, 2nd, PG7802m 2631'NY195 105
Knott Rigg1st, 2nd, PG6556m 1824'NY197 189
Knott, The (Lickle)OL284m 932'SD224 919
Knott, The (Stainton Fell)OL331m 1086'SD144 952
Lank RiggPG7541m 1775'NY092 120
LatterbarrowOL244m 801'SD367 991
Ling Fell*1st, 2nd, PG6373m 1224'NY180 285Ling Fell line drawing. Ling Fell Wainwright
Lingmell*1st, 2nd, PG4807m 2648'NY209 082Lingmell pen and watercolour sketch by Andy Beck
Lingmoor Fell*1st, 2nd, PG4469m 1539'NY303 046
Little YarlsideOL516m 1691'NY532 071
Loft CragPG3680m 2231'NY277 071
Lords Seat*1st, 2nd, PG6552m 1811'NY204 266
Lord's Seat (High House Fell)OL524m 1719'NY519 066
Loughrigg Fell*1st, 2nd, PG3335m 1099'NY347 051Loughrigg Fell line drawing. Wainwright Loughrigg Fell
Low Fell*1st, 2nd, PG7423m 1388'NY137 226
Low Light HawOL250m 820'SD302 901
Maiden Moor*1st, 2nd, PG6575m 1886'NY237 182
Mellbreak*1st, 2nd, PG7512m 1680'NY148 186Mellbreak line drawing
Middle Fell1st, 2nd, PG7582m 1909'NY151 072
Muncaster Fell (Hooker Crag)OL231m 758'SD112 983
Outerside1st, 2nd, PG6568m 1864'NY211 215
Pavey Ark1st, 2nd, PG3700m 2297'NY285 079Pavey Ark sketch. Pavey Ark The langdale Pikes, Wainwright Pavey Ark
Pike of Blisco1st, 2nd, PG4705m 2313'NY271 042
Pike of Stickle1st, 2nd, PG3703m 2326'NY274 074
Pike, TheOL370m 1214'SD186 934
PikesOL469m 1539'SD238 947
Pillar1st, 2nd, PG7892m 2927'NY171 121
Ponsonby FellOL311m 1020'NY082 070
Rannerdale Knotts*1st, 2nd, PG6355m 1165'NY167 183Rannerdale Knotts line drawing. Wainwright Rannerdale Knotts[usr 1.7]
Raven Crag1st, 2nd, PG3461m 1512'NY303 188
Red Pike (Buttermere)*1st, 2nd, PG7755m 2477'NY161 155
Red Pike (Wasdale)1st, 2nd, PG7826m 2710'NY165 106
Robinson1st, 2nd, PG6737m 2418'NY202 169Robinson line drawing
Rossett Pike*1st, 2nd, PG4651m 2136'NY249 076
Rosthwaite Fell/Bessyboot1st, 2nd, PG4551m 1808'NY258 125Rosthwaite Fell line drawing. Wainwright Rosthwaite Fell
Rough Crag (Birker Moor)OL319m 1047'SD161 978
Sail*1st, 2nd, PG6773m 2536'NY198 203
Sale Fell1st, 2nd, PG6359m 1178'NY194 297Sale Fell sketch. Wainwright Sale Fell
Scafell1st, 2nd, PG4964m 3162'NY207 065Scafell line drawing. Wainwright Scafell
Scafell Pike1st, 2nd, PG4978m 3209'NY215 072Scafell Pike from Great Moss by Andy Beck. Pen and ink sketch
Scar Crags1st, 2nd, PG6672m 2205'NY207 206
Scoat Fell*1st, 2nd, PG7841m 2759'NY159 114
Scout ScarOL233m 764'SD487 920
Seat How (Birker Moor)OL311m 1020'SD165 971
Seat RobertOL515m 1690'NY526 114
Seatallan*1st, 2nd, PG7691m 2266'NY 140 084[usr 2.2]
Seathwaite Fell*1st, 2nd, PG4601m 1972'NY229 102
Sergeant Man1st, 2nd, PG3736m 2415'.NY286 089
Sergeant's Crag*1st, 2nd, PG3571m 1873'NY273 114
Setmurthy CommonOL254m 833'NY159 318
Silver How1st, 2nd PG3395m 1296'NY325 066
Slight Side1st, 2nd, PG4762m 2500'NY210 050
St. John's HillOL285m 935'NY196 377
Stainton PikeOL498m 1632'SD153 943
Starling Dodd1st, 2nd, PG7633m 2077'NY142 157
Steel Fell1st, 2nd, PG3553m 1814'NY319 112
Steeple*1st, 2nd, PG7819m 2687'NY158 117
Stickle PikeOL375m 1230'SD212 928Stickle Pike line drawing. Stickle Pike Outlying fell[usr 2]
Stoupdale HeadOL472m 1549'SD151 874
Swirl How1st, 2nd, PG4802m 2631'NY273 006
Tarn Crag (Easedale)PG3549m 1801'NY304 093Tarn Crag Easedale sketch by Andy Beck
Tarn HillOL313m 1027'SD210 921
The Old Man of Coniston1st,2nd, PG3803m 2635'SD272 978
Thunacar Knott*1st, 2nd, PG3717m 2351'NY279 081
Todd FellOL401m 1316'NY512 021
Top O' SelsideOL334m 1096'SD308 919
Tottlebank HeightOL236m 775'SD269 885
Ullscarf1st, 2nd, PG3726m 2382'NY292 122
Walla Crag*1st, 2nd, PG3379m 1243'NY277 213
Walna Scar1st, 2nd, OL621m 2037'SD258 963Walna Scar line drawing. Wainwright Outlying fell
Wandope1st, 2nd PG6772m 2533'NY188 197
Watch HillOL235m 770'NY150 319
Water CragOL305m 1001'SD154 974
Wetherlam1st, 2nd, PG4763m 2503'NY288 011
Whin Rigg*1st, 2nd, PG4537m 1762'NY151 035
Whinlatter (Brown How)*1st, 2nd, PG6517m 1696'NY191 251
Whit Fell (Whitfell)OL573m 1881'SD159 930
White CombeOL417m 1368'SD155 863
White Howe (Bannisdale)OL530m 1739'NY524 042
White PikeOL442m 1450'SD151 956
Whiteless Pike*1st, 2nd, PG6660m 2165'NY180 190
Whiteside1st, 2nd, PG6707m 2320'NY170 219
Whiteside PikeOL397m 1302'NY521 015
Woodend HeightOL487m 1597'SD157 954
Wool KnottOL222m 730'SD273 896
Yew BankOL207m 679'SD263 910
Yewbarrow1st, 2nd, PG7627m 2057'NY173 085[usr 3.7]
YoadcastleOL494m 1621'SD157 952

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