The Isle of Skye

It has been some time since we had the opportunity to visit the Isle of Skye, possibly 20 years ago. Recently we put that right and headed up there for just over a week. Being mid-April it was reasonably quiet and of course it was too early for the dreaded midges. The table below will link to some of our outings which I hope to post in the coming days.

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On Location Isle of Skye

A list of photographic locations and walks on the Isle of Skye from Andy Beck
Locationdatewalk or location
Galtirigg old village13th April 2024walkBorreraig and Galtrigill- Isle of Skye
Dun Boreraig14th April 2024walkDun Beag Broch- Isle of Skye
Coral Beach15th April 2024walkcoming soon
The Quiraing16th April 2024Walk and photo locationcoming soon
Talisker Bay17th April 2024Walk, film and photo locationTalisker Bay Beach- Isle of Skye
Fairy Pools17th April 2024Walk, film and photo locationThe Fairy Pools- Isle of Skye
Neist Point18th April 2024Walk, film and photo locationcoming soon
The Storr19th April 2024Walk, film and photo locationcoming soon
Kilt Rock and waterfall19th April 2024Film and photo locationMealt Falls and Kilt Rock
Duntulm Castle19th April 2024Photo locationDuntulm Castle- Isle of Skye
Coral Beach20th April 2024Walk and filmCoral Beach- Isle of Skye
Trumpan Church20th April 2024Photo locationcoming soon
Sligahan21st April 2024Photo locationcoming soon
Torrin21st April 2024Photo locationcoming soon
Elgol21st April 2024Photo locationcoming soon

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