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Andy Beck ArtistAndy Beck-

Having been a professional artist since leaving the Royal Air Force Regiment in 1988 Andy Beck has now become well known for his recent major project- The Wainwrights in Colour which has seen him exploring the Lakeland Fells to capture all the scenes in Wainwright’s Pictorial guides. Up until early 2013 Andy ran The Teesdale Gallery in the heart of Barnard Castle, County Durham which he did for 20 years. Reluctantly he had to close the gallery so that he could concentrate his efforts on completing the project. This has given him the freedom to paint at home in his studio or go out gathering references for his work.


Andy is almost totally self-taught with only an O level in Art as his formal training. He mostly uses watercolours at this time but soon hopes to return to some oil painting in his work when time allows. You can read about the art side of his life here

Andy enjoys portraying the wildlife and landscapes that he observes on his travels throughout the country. As you would expect, many of these landscapes feature the high and remote uplands of the UK.

 “Of course it would be easy here to fill space with artistic waffle of how I like to capture the light and sense of space etc. but to be honest I hope that my artwork speaks for itself and I would rather you just go and take a look and hopefully enjoy my efforts.”

As a consequence of being able to get out and about on a regular basis, Andy has captured some of the wonderful landscapes and light on camera. His photographs are well received on social media and some have been used in other media such as magazines and television. He doesn’t regard himself as a professional photographer, more of a very keen enthusiast. You can see examples of his work on his Andy Beck Photography website.

 “I am very lucky being able to earn my income from passions which many people see as hobbies -walking, painting and photography. It’s not easy but for me, quality of life beats a big pot of money.”


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