Holme Fell

Wainwright summit: GR: NY31503 00605 1040′ approx True height: Same location as Wainwright summit now measured accurately as 1037′ 316m

Summary: More details coming soon

Topographical features: Wainwright in his description doesn’t give a detailed summit map as he does for most other fells but he does indicate the Wainwright summit with a cross as there was no cairn there in his day, nor is there one today. This makes the identification of the Wainwright top more confusing. 60m to the north-north-east is a another small outcrop of rock with a small cairn. This is the Birkett top of the fell, often taken as the Wainwright top. The large cairn over to the north east on Ivy Crag is lower in elevation and is again often mistaken for the top of the fell.

Points of interest: Hodge Close Quarry is well worth a visit with care. The area of Holme Fell is very popular with photographers. Especially in Autumn when the plentiful birch trees are in full colour.

Tarns: Yew Tree Tarn GR: NY 32197 00442, Hodge Close Quarry GR: NY 31673 01693, Disused (un-named) reservoirs GR: NY 31625 01114

Waterfalls: There is a waterfall marked on the maps at the quarry but I don’t recall seeing it on my visits. It may only flow dramatically after heavy rain.

Adjoining Fells: None linked by ridges but Black Crag can be connected by footpaths.

Nearest facilities: Car parking: free parking at Hodge Close GR: NY 31581 01678 or Yew Tree Tarn GR: NY 32214 00309

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