Frosty dawn at Raby Castle

On Location: Frosty dawn at Raby Castle 26th November 2013

Frosty dawn at Raby Castle. Sometimes I just get lucky. So it was on this day, a Saturday in autumn when I was heading to West Auckland to do some shopping. The previous night had been crisp, cold and clear. As I drove through Barnard Castle the sun was only just showing above the horizon.

Sunrise near Barnard Castle
Sunrise near Barnard Castle.

It wasn’t even my intention to stop to take photographs but as I had the camera in the car it would have been an error not to use it.

Passing through Staindrop the light from the low sun was intense. I Can only describe it as burning orange. As glow was on Raby Castle. I hastily pulled in to a convienient lay by and managed to grab a couple of shots.

Autumn sunrise, Raby Castle
Long shadows of dawn
Raby Castle frosty morning
Frosty autumn sunrise
Raby Castle near Staindrop
Raby Castle

It would be easy to assume that I have enhanced the colours and effects for drama but I haven’t. It was a truly wonderful scene and a privilege to witness it.

Just lucky but well worth the early rise.

Thank for reading.


  1. By chance is often the way Andy. Really cracking shots.

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