Upper Teesdale in Snow

On Location 29th December 2020.

The days of a long hard winter seem to have gone in Teesdale. Apart from the occasional “snow days” in late November or December much of the winter weather seems to turn up on the early months of the year.

However, when the snow does arrive it can make for some picturesque scenes appreciated by photographers and artists. Not so much for the farmers who take it in their stride.

So it was on this day, a good fall of snow in the upper dale was too good an opportunity to miss. I headed off to obtain some references for work.

Fresh snow, Forest in Teesdale
New House, Forest in Teesdale

There are several remote houses dotted around the landscape of Forest in Teesdale. With the backdrop of Cronkley Fell I was looking for something a bit different from the usual. The snowcovered reeds in the foreground provide the interest that I was after. I already have in my mind the painting idea for this shot.

Work goes on, Upper Teesdale
Work goes on.

This is more of the “standard” shot of New House in winter. The farmer turned up just at the right time.

The B6277 road winds its way up through the dale, heading to a distant Alston.

The road through the dale
Pastel coloured sky.

The last house on the road out of the dale provides a good subject with the early morning glow in the sky. Looking back to the dale.

Frog Hall, Harwood
Frog Hall, Harwood.

Frog Hall at Harwood sits at 460m (1500′) and gets plenty of harsh weather. In summer this meadow is carpeted with colourful wildflowers.

The lone sheep, Harwood
Frog Hall

Today a lone sheep stood its ground.

Harwood in Teesdale
Harwood post box

This may not be the remotest post box in the country but it can’t be far off. It is perfectly placed for a great composition.

Teesdale dawn
Unthank farm

Driving round past the houses of Harwood there are several good photo opportunities. Today the sky made an interesting backdrop over the abandoned farmstead of Unthank. The “standard” shot of this location is taken further along the road looking back this way.

3 Greyhen (female Black Grouse)

I happened to see these three Greyhen, they are the females of the Black Grouse family. At one time they were very rare but they are making a remarkable recovery in numbers and I see them regularly in the dale.

Langdon Beck
Langdon Beck

The sheltered hamlet of Langdon Beck. Well known to those who travel along the Pennine Way. The Langdon Beck Hotel is just over to my right.

Photographs taken it was time to head back to the studio. Work to be done.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Thanks for sharing Andy. Your photos are a great antidote to ease the passing of these uncertain times. Keep it up.

  2. Fantastic work as always Andy, we are privileged to have all this on our doorstep

    • Thank you for the comment Andy. Yes, so lucky, a shame it is “off limits” at this time due to lockdown, hopefully will be able to get back there soon.

  3. Great photos Andy, in particular the red post box against the snowscape with the distant farm steading and the winter feed stocked high. I have never been to Upper Teesdale but you provide a wonderful pictorial diary of the seasons. Thank you.

    • Thank you Graham. Yes the red post box just lends itself to the shot. Upper Teesdale is a wonderful location, not as dramtic as The lakes perhaps but wild and romantic. Hopefully you pay a visit sometime.

  4. Great shot of Unthank farm….ancestral home along with Honeypot cottage.

    • Thank you. I had heard that the estate were planning to do it up. Not sure when but it would make a fine home.

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