Winter at Bowes Museum

On Location 15th Jan 2021

The forecast looked promising so an early breakfast was taken before I headed down to our local town of Barnard Castle here in County Durham. The previous day had seen a decent amount of snowfall and overnight a hard frost had crisped everything up.

Driving down from our village of Bowes I could see a clear sky over to the east and a very low line of cloud was edged with orange. I was pushing my luck for time.

Bowes Museum as the sun rises
First warm light on the museum

The Bowes Museum

Fortunately I made it. Just as I parked up and got through the gates the first rays of the sun were hitting the front of this impressive building.

Winter sunrise Bowes Museum
Sunshine through the trees and early sledgers.

The sun filtered through the trees as I made my way to the far side of the building. With almost perfect timing a family arrived to enjoy some sledging fun.

Bowes museum shadows
Long winter shadows

Over the years I have been lucky enough to see the museum in similar conditions. Though today the light was just about perfect.

Bowes Museum Barnard Castle
HM the Queen Mother memorial

We are lucky to have such a fine museum right on our doorstep here in the dale. And I am as guilty as many of not using it to the full. At this time it is closed due to lockdown restrictions. Hopefully in the near future we can once again enjoy the treasures inside.

Buttermarket Barnard Castle
Barnard Castle Buttermarket

From the museum grounds I made my way back into town, passing the impressive Buttermarket before heading down The Bank.

The Bank Barnard Castle
The Bank, Barnard Castle

The River Tees looked particularly cold this morning with the County Bridge and the castle in the distance.

River Tees Barnard Castle
The river Tees and County Bridge, Barnard Castle

There is a fine and popular viewpoint of the towns rooftops. As seen from The Lendings in Startforth. The still low sun cast angular shadows on the snow covered tiles.

Barnard Castle rooftops
Barnard Castle rooftops

By request I have added this images to the Teesdale series of online jigsaws. They are proving to be popular during lockdown, good fun but addictive. Why not have a go? Barnard Castle Rooftops

Photographs taken it was then off to the post office to dispatch some orders. Soon I was heading home for a warming coffee.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Andy,

    some Christmas card material giving a feel of Edwardian/Victorian Britain. Exceptional images of the Bowes museum. Riding your luck for time maybe or maybe right time, right place; well done Sir.

    • Thank you for your comment Graham. Yes, it was too good an opportunity to miss, a good snowfall followed by a bright sunrise. Christmas card material indeed.

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