New ”Small sketches” page added.

Andy Beck sketch header

Behind the scenes I have not only been working on new projects but I have been spending time working on features of my websites. It has been hard to focus on what is important as I tend to get rather excited about new ideas, especially at the turning of a new year.

I realised that my website was a bit behind in the listing and display of my artwork. I have taken steps to rectify this and just uploaded a new page for the selection of small watercolour sketches which I currently have available. There is a simple system in place to purchase these original works which are priced as little as £28.00. No, that’s not a typing error…..

By using my website you are able to purchase artwork and prints directly from me, the artist. This not only cuts out a fee or commission to a middle-man or gallery but it means that you have a personal connection to the creator of every piece. I also would rather sell my work for a reasonable price rather than inflating the figure and waitng longer to make a sale.

If you would like to take a look at the new page (with more to come) then why not click on this link .

Let me know what you think and of course do remember these are one-off originals, once they are sold they are sold.

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