The 2019 Lakeland Christmas Quiz

“Summit” to think about.

It’s that time of year again. A quiz based on the 214 “Wainwright” fells of the Lake District. This year I have gone for a simple theme of “Summits” so all of the photos are taken from the highest (Wainwright) points of the fells.

Thank you to everyone who took part, it appears that this quiz was a little more testing than last year with no one getting the full total of 89 available points. It seems that most of you enjoyed it though with someone even being inspired to copy not only the idea but to even use my wording in their own quiz! (obviously they do not fully grasp the meaning of the words “copyright” or “plagarism”). Anyway, enough of that. Here are the answers:

Day One: (1) This is the summit of which fell? Nethermost Pike (2 points) (2) Name this fell. Helvellyn (1 point) (3) The name of this stretch of water. Ullswater (1 point).

The lakeland Christmas quiz 2019 1

Day Two: (1) Name this fell Middle Dodd (1 point). (2) Name this fell Little Hart Crag (2 points). (3) Name this long fell with the sun on it St. Sunday Crag (1 point).

Day Three: (1) Name the fell Bleaberry Fell (2 points). (2) name this ravine Stannah Gill (3 points). (3) Name this fell Raise (2 points).

Day Four: (1) Name the fell Great Crag (2 points). (2) Name the fell Pillar (1 point). (3) name the fell. Fleetwith Pike (3 points).

Day Five: (1) Name the fell High Seat (2 points). (2) name this distant fell Robinson (3 points). (3) This subsidary top has a name, what is it? Man (3 points).

Day Six: (1) Name this fell Kidsty Pike (2 points). (2) Name this distant fell Tarn Crag (3 points). (3) Name this col Nan Beild Pass (2 points).

Day Seven: (1) Name the fell Wansfell (Baystones) (2 points). (2) The Wainwright name of this Fell. Caudale Moor (2 points).

Day Eight: (1) Name the fell Rannerdale Knotts (1 point). (2) Name the fell Mellbreak (1 point). (3) Name this stretch of water Loweswater (2 points).

Day Nine: (1) Name the fell High Tove (2 points). (2) The name of this fell Steel Fell (2 points).

Day Ten: (1) Name the fell Tarn Crag (Easedale) (3 points). (2) Name the fell Dollywaggon Pike (2 points). (3) Name this distant fell Hart Crag (3 points).

Day Eleven: (1) Name the fell Rest Dodd (2 points). (2) Name the fell Rampsgill Head (2 points).

Day Twelve: (1) Name the fell Crag Fell (2 points). (2) Name this fell. Grike (2 points).

Day Thirteen: (1) This cairn is on the summit of which fell? Ill Bell (3 points). (2) name this fell Harter Fell (3 points).

Day Fourteen: (1) Name the fell The Nab (3 points). (2) Give the name of this fell Gowbarrow Fell (3 points).

Day Fifteen: (1) This is the summit of which fell? Wetherlam (3 points). (2) name this fell Pike o’ Blisco (2 points). (3) Name this tarn Blea Tarn (2 points).

Day Sixteen: The final day. (1) This is the summit of which fell Glaramara (3 points). (2) Name this valley Langstrath (3 points).

The Results: (the top ten are listed only. If you are not shown then just email me to get your placing)
1st Tom Harwood 88 points (He wins the collectors set of the Wainwrights in Colour)
* amendment Joint 2nd Don Dawber & John Lennox 83 points (Both win a copy of The Wainwrights in Colour)
4th Kevin Potts 79 points (winning the Pages from my Book)
5th Leslie Ritchie 77 points
6th Fran Idle 73 points
7th Ian Parkinson 68 points
8th Joan Davies 66 points
Joint 9th Derek Whiteway & David Hagerty 54 points

Well done all and thank you for entering. I will be in touch directly via email with the prize winners to arrange delivery.

The decision of the judge is final, no alternative or cash prizes will be offered. Entries must be submitted no later than 10pm on Sunday the 5th January 2020. Do not submit entries until the final question has been posted when details of how to submit your entry will be published. Prizes will be dispatched to UK mainland addresses P&P free. If winners are outside this area then P&P will have to be covered by the prize winner.


  1. Do I answer the quiz questions in here???

    • Hi Matthew.
      No, as I state in the rules, when the last daily question has been posted I will give details of how to submit your answers. Thanks for taking part, good luck!

  2. Don’t think so. Rules above say “Do not submit entries until the final question has been posted when details of how to submit your entry will be published.”

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