Great Gable- 5″x7″ sketch

Great Gable- 5″x7″ sketch

Is there a more majestic Wainwright fell than the mighty Great Gable? I don’t think so.

These were the thoughts going through my head in the past couple of days as I was working on a new small pen and watercolour sketch of said fell.

Last week it was a series of sheep pictures (check them out here) so this week I needed to move on to another subject. The Lakeland Fells are often not far from my mind. Sadly we haven’t been able to walk over on the fells recently, Bailey is not up to strenous walks these days, spending much of the days sleeping in the corner of the studio. Besides, we are busy preparing for a new season of shows and events and I need to produce a completely new range of work.

So it was that I worked on this new painting, a subject that I knew not only would I enjoy painting but also was likely to be popular. After the response across my social media platforms since posting the image showed that I wasn’t wrong.

I produced a small, simple pen and pencil sketch first.

Great Gable line drawing by Andy Beck

This only measures about 4″ x 3″ but give me an idea of the composition and tonal value before moving on to the actual sketch.

I am always looking to keep my YouTube channel current so I spent time filming it, not easy to juggle painting, filming and then editing a video for just one small sketch. A sketch that would normally take about 40 minutes to produce ends up taking about 2 days by the time it is uploaded on to my channel. But my videos connected to painting and walking the Wainwright Fells always seem to be popular.

Here’s the end result. It has been sold but it is now available as an Open Edition Print.

Great Gable pen and watercolour sketch by Andy Beck

Here is the film of how I did it. I have also made the reference photograph available for anyone who would like to have a go themselves. You can do this via this page . Let me know how you get on. Good luck!

If you have enjoyed reading this post and found it useful, why not let me know, leave a comment below. Thank you.

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