The Wainwrights in Colour Film

For the first time ever, The Wainwrights in Colour Film is now on YouTube- in full.

I still love chatting to people about The Wainwrights in Colour. I can’t deny it. After all, it was a huge part of my life for over ten years. It still plays a big part in my life even now. Truth be told, it put my name as an artist “on the map” albeit in a small way.

Not only completing the 1500 sketches (and selling them all) but the follow up book. Which, with some good fortune, won a couple of major awards.

The Wainwrights in Colour by Andy Beck

However, I did make a glaring error when we published the book. I didn’t make it clear enough about the DVD inside the back cover.

We have a lot of folk chatting to us about the project, either at shows or my talks. Many who have previously purchased a copy of the book. Often they ask about the background to how the Wainwrights in Colour came into being. This indicates to me that they haven’t seen the DVD, The Wainwrights in Colour Film. When I question whether they have actually viewed it, many of them don’t even know of it’s existance. A real oversight on my part.

There in the inside of the back cover of every single copy of the book is that little round disc. Hiding away out of sight.

Obviously, when we sell copies of the book directly to a customer it’s easy. We let them know that it’s there but even then this information may not even register. Even worse when someone buys a copy in a bookshop or online.

Importantly, this 17 minute film gives a visual backstory to the whole project. From inception right up to the book being produced. Much of this content isnt included in the pages of the book, there just wasn’t room. But I did feel that such a visual story was necessary. It gives readers a better understanding of just how big a challenge The Wainwrights in Colour was.

There is another issue which we just didnt see at the time when the book was published. It appears that the age of the DVD is waning. Some homes don’t have DVD players anymore.

Time to rectify the situation.

We have now made the film available on my YouTube channel. Not only is it there for all to see (whereas previously only owners of the book had the film). But we have tweaked it slighty and given it subtitles. Now it is available to all. The background to undertaking, or some of it at least*, should give a better explanation to the project. A challenge which I am still very proud and passionate about.

*In my talks I relate more of the frustrating and demanding tales from my adventures on the Lakeland Fells. I give these talks on a regular basis, having given over 40 so far to small groups such as U3A, right up to major events and book festivals. If you would like to book me in the future just drop me an email:

Here is the film, you can put that old DVD player back in the loft 🙂


  1. Trevor Warburton

    wow great what can i say andy. it was a pleasure watching this cd on the work that you do on this subject. and i guess wainwright would have been with you in every step you take. smiling down on you. And i enjoyed every minute it wads very interesting and a joy to watch nice work andy.

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