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Andy Beck Images on different shop platforms.

Well after a bit of deliberation we have made the decision to expand our Andy Beck Images “shop window”. Having a website is great (as long as we keep it updated and relevant, which we try to do) but it doesn’t cover all of the bases available to us. We get some great sales and responses to our posts and products and we thank everyone who supports us. This isn’t just those who spend with us but to all those who like, comment and share on my current social media platforms. Many people don’t realise that small gestures such as those help to raise the profile of Andy Beck Images and we appreciate it.

To increase our following across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it would be easy to go down the “giveaway” route that I have seen many others adopt. But personally I would rather have a limited number of genuine followers than a mass of people who only liked my pages in the chance of winning a freebie. We see a regular rise in subscribers after the events that we attend, and that’s great. Those are the folk who we have met and conversed with and they genuinely want to see what we are getting up to via this website or our social media channels.

Ultimately we are a business and we are here to make sales. After all, it is our main stream of income, none of this retirement lark for me.

So we have taken the decision to reach out to customers via two new shop fronts. Etsy and Facebook shops. Now ideally we would not use such outlets but it’s a big wide online shopping world out there now and we need to be spreading the word far and wide. As well as directly competing with others on the same level.

Over the past couple of weeks I have set up new storefronts on Facebook and Etsy.

Andy Beck Images Facebook shop

The Facebook shop is of course attached to my Andy Beck Images page and it can be found here

Andy Beck Images Etsy shop

The Etsy shop looks more like a proper website and in my opinion it is more user friendly. If you would like to take a look then you can find it here

The idea is to use both of these stores as catalogues for our regular stock of greeting cards, postcards and books. We also have a new range of exciting products which we will be launching in the next couple of weeks. These new items will also be uploaded into these shops and of course this website.

We would be curious to hear your thoughts on this new expansion.

Do you shop on Facebook or Etsy shops? How do you find the experience? How do you think we could improve our stores? Perhaps you would like to see new products from us. It’s by taking suggestions and comments from customers at shows and events that we have come up with our new ideas.

We would love to hear from you. In the meantime, why not take a look at the shops, add us as a favourite (if you want) and then follow us on our different platforms.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Your Facebook shop works as it should. Your products are promoted well and are clearly displayed. A thumbs up from me.

  2. Onwards and upwards Andy, expanding your mainstream social media presence makes commercial sense and in no way devalues the quality of the products you have to offer. Good luck and best wishes.

    • It will be interesting to see how the sales go on these two new stores and even just what the reaction is. I appreciate you having a look and for responding Andy, thank you

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