All Change!

Well it was about time I hear you say!…

The old Teesdale Gallery website which had been in use since 2000 was designed with the retail shop in mind where I was selling not only my own work but also that of other artists. I felt the old gallery website was far too unwieldy for ease of use.  Now that those days are gone I have looked at re-vamping the way my work is portrayed online and this is the solution that I have decided upon.

ANDY BECK IMAGES– This is the page that you have already landed on and it will form the overall “Home” of all of my work. You will not have to land on this page in the future when the other websites are up and running but it will be used as a base for all news.

ANDY BECK ARTIST*– The new website for all of my paintings and sketches. This will eventually host the Wainwrights in Colour material as well as new work on my next projects.

ANDY BECK PHOTOGRAPHY*– Another separate website which will feature just my camera work including prints, greeting cards etc.

ANDY BECK ON LOCATION*– All of my days out listed and illustrated for reference. This site will include routes to all of the 214 Lake District Fells, Teesdale, the Yorkshire Dales and further afield.

Having the above separate websites should enable you to follow my work which interests you most without getting entangled in just one huge site. It will take a while to upload the backlog of images and information as well as keeping up with new work.

The old Teesdale Gallery website will remain online for now as it holds most of the information on The Wainwrights in Colour project and that in time will be blended into the new site- Andy Beck Artist.

*These new websites are currently being constructed and will be online as soon as possible.

Do let me know what you think, after all it is easier to change the style now rather than much further down the line.


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