6 day countdown

 Another day  crossed off the calendar and this time next week the book launch will be in full swing with hopefully plenty of people in attendance. As the second day in this series it is on to Book Two, The Far Eastern Fells. In choosing a sketch from this region I have opted for a location that will be unfamiliar to many walkers as it is well away from well used footpaths and well hidden.Measand Beck, Wether Hill

 The Forces of Measand Beck, Wether Hill 12. After a long day on the hills in March 2012 this was one of the last references that I had listed to obtain on the day. Remarkably perhaps, many of the rocks in the scene remain in place after over 50 years. The secluded surroundings of this stretch of Measand Beck would have made an ideal picnic site, perhaps I will revisit on a warmer day purely with the intention of sitting here sketching and enjoying the peace and quiet. 

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