Two blog posts in a row.

Yes, thats right, the second post in two days.

My blog posts are a bit like buses, you wait for a while and two come along at once. Well, I’m not saying that this is the start of a new flush of posts but after the great response to yesterday’s article I decided to follow it up with another. Welcome to all the new subscribers by the way, thanks you for signing up and I hope that you will find plenty of interest on my websites.

Back to the new blog post. It was a day of different weather conditions today. A heavy snowfall meant that I stayed local and had a wander close to my home village.

West Plantation Bowes

The conditions were not the best for photography. Though it’s surprising what you can come up with if you open your eyes, even on familiar territory. Anyway, the blog is now online- Another day, different weather and is featured on my photography website.

Thanks for looking.

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