The unsold works

 With all of the sketches for the 214 fells completed I have at last been able to frame up all of the work in the presentation format that I have used for all of the paintings. As you may well know, the majority of these works were ordered at the exhibition at Rheged back in 2009 so they have since been delivered to the clients homes, unlikely to be seen in public again. However, I have just finished framing the last nine unsold fells and have updated this website with the images.Wainwrights in Colour unsold

 The plan is to take a selection of these unsold fells and one or two others which I currently hold to the book launch weekend in Kendal in May. There at the Castle Green Hotel I will be able to put these original paintings on display for perhaps the last time as once the book is out I don’t expect to have these fells for very long. So if you are planning to come along to the book launch then you will be able to see these sketches for real. 

 I thought it may be of interest to show the nine unsold works here with links to their own pages.Tarn Crag FETarn Crag- The Far Eastern Fells

Yoke framed

Yoke- The Far Eastern Fells

Bakestall framed

Bakestall- The Northern Fells

Dodd framed

Dodd- The Northern Fells

Knott framed

Knott- The Northern Fells


Graystones- The North Western Fells

Outerside- The North Western Fells

Wandope framed

Wandope- The North Western Fells

Haycock framed

Haycock- The Western Fells NOW SOLD

 Obviously these fells are still for sale so if you would like to purchase one of these unique works then feel free to contact me 

Otherwise, do try and get to the launch event to see them for yourself.

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