Off the drawing board

Over recent days I have been planning out new paintings and as with most of my work I produce simple preliminary drawings before I commit paint to paper. One such work was to be of Swaledale sheep, tups (rams) to be exact. For one reason or another this simple sketch ended up being a more complete drawing. It so happened that I filmed the progress of this pencil artwork and I uploaded it on to You Tube, more of a fun thing than for any other purpose.

Once it was finished and framed I added it to this website for sale on the pencil sketch page here. Following the response to the posts that I made on social media I have now also had this image turned into a limited edition print. There are only 50 copies of this edition so don’t leave it too late if you would like a copy. The link to purchase a print is here.

For me it is now back to the drawing board to work out another layout for this Swaledale sheep painting. So watch this space- even better, do so by subscribing to the website to be informed of future work.

Thanks for reading.

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