Meet Colin

“Who is Colin?” I hear you ask.

Well I met Colin for the first time on Wednesday. He works down in Dorking in Surrey in a book binding factory and for the next week or two he has his work cut out. Colin’s task is to case each and every copy (all 5000) of The Wainwrights in Colour book. Not only is Colin attaching the covers to the pages but he has actually made the case themselves so he really has a hand in the finishing of the book. 

I am proud of the fact that I have opted to have the whole production of this book completed here in the UK, it may be costing more but it follows in the way that Wainwright went about getting the first copies of the Pictorial Guides produced so I am sure that he would have approved.

Pictures paint a thousand words so here is a short film of my visit.


The next stage will be to collect all of the dustjackets from Elanders. To say that things are at an exciting stage is an understatement.


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