We’re going back to the high street

Andy Beck Images is taking a shop on Barnard Castle High Street

Yes, you read that right, we are going back into a shop on the high street of Barnard Castle, but only for a short term.

It’s been almost 10 years since we gave up the gallery at the top of The Bank in the town. We took that decision so that I was able to complete the Wainwrights in Colour project. A project that I was so far behind schedule with. We enjoyed running the gallery and had a presence in that property for 21 years.

However, our next shop occupancy will be for a much shorter period.

To end what has been a really busy period of shows and events in 2022 we have opted to run a “pop-up shop” in town for a few weeks on the run up to Christmas. We have been lucky enough to secure the short term tenancy of a prime site premises on The Horsemarket. This is the shop front of what was The Hayloft.

Andy Beck Images pop up shop, Barnard Castle

Following the retirement of the previous tenant the building needs to undergo major refurbishment before it can be re-let properly. Thankfully the scaffolding will be down before we open the shop. We intend to give the premises a bit of life before it gets a full make over. This will also fill an empty shop on the town’s high street on the run up to Christmas. Andy Beck Images will be in the front showroom from Saturday 19th November 2022 until Sunday 18th December. Opening times will be from 10am-4pm daily (including Sundays).

It will have to be a fairly basic shop as we are only there for a few weeks but it will give us a chance to put on a great display of my work. Following a great summer of sales I am very short of original artwork but the walls will be filled with a range of framed and mounted photographs. Many of these will be of the local area. There will be generous discounts on much of the stock to make way for exciting new work for 2023.

Andy Beck Images photos

In addition we will have the full range of greeting cards, The Wainwrights in Colour book and of course the 2023 calendar which is proving to be very popular.

Andy Beck calendar 2023

We decided that a pop-up shop would be the preferrable way to end the season over doing other Christmas markets and events. At least being inside we will be warm and not subject to the vagaries of the weather.

So if you are in the area why not pop in and say hello and get inspiration for a great Christmas gift.


  1. Great news Andy ! See you soon

  2. Best of luck Andy and congratulations on a great summer, well done!
    It’s been a tough few years and looking back a strange period of time, but fair play to you for getting out on the road and making it happen.

    • Thanks John,
      The summer was well worth it but hard work, especially the last event which can only be described as challenging.

  3. Good luck with the shop and online sales in the run up to Christmas.

    • Thank you Diane and thatnks for taking the time to comment. It is a great opportunity to display some work before Christmas.

  4. Great News Andy, hope it’s a great success for you, even if only for the short term! We were commenting the other day on the fact that a few shops have become empty, and it would be good for a few interesting pop-ups to open in them before Christmas! I see Wilsons has sold now so perhaps that’ll get occupied before long.

    • Hi Phil, thanks for commenting. It seemed simpler to take a vacant shop for a couple of weeks rather than just doing a couple of weekend Christmas events. There are not actually many empty shops in the town that are actually not under some sort of negotiation etc. This one needs a lot of work doing to it before it becomes fit for purpose so we are just making the best use of it before the work starts.

  5. Best wishes Andy with your Pop-Up shop, for a great Christmas “run in” success.

    • Thank you Ed. A pop up shop isn’t something that we have tried before so it should be interesting. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. Great news Andy wishing you both all the best looking forward to a wander in xx

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