Challenging times brings new opportunities

In the midst of these challenging times during Covid19 as a self-empolyed person it would be easy to do one of two things. Either I could sit here in my studio and get depressed about a situation I can do very little about or I could spend my time rearranging my bookcase or photo albums waiting for some money to come in.

Those friends and clients who actually know me will already realise that both of those scenarios are unlikly to happen with me. I admit that I am losing sleep, not because I am worried about where my future income will come from (I am, but thats not the reason for my insomnia) but more the fact that my mind is buzzing with new exciting ideas.

The events and shows that I had planned to attend around the country have either been cancelled or postponed. These would have not only been a major source of income for me but I had plans to launch new ideas and products, artwork and photography related, at these shows.

But why not still go ahead? Sure, I won’t be able to meet clients or customers face to face but what is wrong with using my websites and social media to help fill the gap? After all, you are reading this aren’t you? All is not lost.

Following on for the really positive response that I have had to the recent launch of the Wainwrights in Colour mugs I have decided to bring forward the launch of another range of giftware along similar lines.

I Love Teesdale mugs

The “I Love Teesdale” mugs were something that I had been toying with for quite a while. Based on some of my photographs taken here in Teesdale of iconic scenes it was planned to launch these at local country and agricultural shows here in Teesdale during the summer. The basis for the designs was a heading logo that I composed for the I Love Teesdale facebook page which I set up some years ago. I have expanded the range of images for this range of mugs. Featuring the popular locations of High Force waterfall, Barnard Castle and the River Tees, Egglestone Abbey and The Bowes Museum.

These mugs were not going to be launched until later in the spring but with the situation being what it is, I thought now would be as good a time as any to get them to market (as they say on Dragon’s Den). After all, whilst most of the population is sitting at home drinking coffee why not give them something to drink it from?

And that’s it…..the new I Love Teesdale mugs are now available to order. I have even put on a special offer, if you buy the set of four you only pay the cost of three, with free P&P.

So why not go over and take a look? if you love Teesdale, you will love these mugs. Here is the link: I Love Teesdale Giftware

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Stay Safe


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