Best of May 2020

There are a couple of things that I will remember May 2020 for. Firstly, the ongoing situation with the Covid19 crisis. The situation eased a little bit with the lockdown restrictions being eased even further but I have been reluctant to venture far from home. It would have been easy for me to walk further afield like to Upper Teesdale or even the Lake District or Yorkshire Dales. However, I realised that many many other people would have had the same idea so I decided to stay neare to home and continue to take advantage of the landscape and countryside on my doorstep.

Secondly, May was exceptionally dry as a month, perhaps the driest on record. I recall that here we only had short spell of rain of any amount. Consequently many the images in this months portfolio show warm sunny days and big blue skies. It made a challenge for photography but that helped to make me look harder for subjects and to see what is right on my doorstep.

The lockdown has been difficult for those of us who are self-employed, particularly financially. Fortunately I am one of those people who use such situations to think of ways to use them to my advantage. I have come up with several ideas for the future and I use this time to develop these schemes to put into practice shortly. One of my best ideas has been the range of ceramic mugs which have proved to be popular and provided a small but steady income during this time. I Love Teesdale mugs.

This is just a small selection of my images from May 2020. As with all of my work the images are available as prints or for use under license commercially or for editorial purposes. Just contact me via email for information. Unfortunately prints are unavailable at this time due to the Covid19 situation but as soon as printing can be done I will update the collections page.

Click on any image to view in the lightbox.

Thank you to having a look. If you haven’t done so already, do subscribe to my websites to keep up to date with my work.


  1. You have managed to find some cracking “local” images covering the landscape, wildlife and the occasional man made elements or a combination thereof. In addition you have highlighted just how much there is to see and enjoy locally when you look.
    Just wish I had your eye for an image!

    Equally dry up here, but over the past few days it has been playing catch up, the Tweed is very low making for some good Osprey sightings for those of us out and about early.

    • Hi Ian,
      Thank you for the comment, apologies for not replying sooner. Yes, during lockdown I think that many folk have been forced to take time to see just what is on our doorsteps. As for your Osprey sightings, exciting stuff. I recall seeing one here in Teesdale a few years back. It hung around for a few days on one of the reservoirs but then sadly moved on.

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