Being a “Wainwright” nerd.

It has to be said that I love finding out the fine details about that famous guidebook writer Alfred Wainwright. I don’t go into his publishing or personal life. I’ll leave that to my good friend Chris Butterfield. Who over the past few years has uncovered some fascinating and long lost material. His archive of Wainwright related memorabilia is second to none. If that is of interest to you then I can recommend his social media pages. Especially his Facebook page: Alfred Wainwright Books and Memorabilia

For me I prefer the other side to his work, the artistic side. His drawings and illustrations, the side that I can relate too. Included in that are the details of how he put together the Pictorial Guides to the Lakeland fells. I don’t let it become the “be all and end all” of my work, far from it. Those that follow me on social media will see that I have recently been focusing on producing sketches of my local area. I have avoided the Lake District fells since Lockdown eased. I will wait, probably until the autumn before venturing onto the high fells. Perhaps after all the post-lockdown excitement has died down.

In the meantime I have been working on editing footage from previous walks that have been stored in my archive. The most recent to have been uploaded features the infamous “Wainwright”- Mungrisdale Common. As you will see, I have looked into the details of the fell. It’s highs and lows and I even reveal one of AW’s mistakes in the drawing of his meticulous maps.

So here is the film. 30 minutes or so solely on Mungrisdale Common…who would have thought that even possible? Lol

Thanks for watching. Feel free to comment if you have an alternative opinion on the content.

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