Three out of four isn’t bad.

As some of you will perhaps have seen on my other recent post on Andy Beck Artist the year didn’t get off to a good start for me and consequently my heart wasn’t into going out walking or getting some new images. Thankfully I am now back on track and even though I am exceptionally busy trying to get the Wainwrights in Colour book completed and to the publishers I now feel in a better place to get out and capture the landscapes that I visit so watch this space.

However, I did have a bit of good news to lift my spirits recently. Every year I enjoy submitting some of my photographs to the Wainwright Society annual photographic competition, and so just before the deadline at the end of January I sent off 4 of what I considered to be my best images of 2015. I am not really one for submitting to such competitions especially nowadays when many seem to be won by a voting system where the numbers of friends on social media can sway the result more than the quality of the photograph. The Wainwright Society do things in a more traditional way, the submitted photographs are presented anonymously to the judge who considers the work on their merit alone so it is a method that I much prefer. This year there were two classes, Open and Themed “On reaching the summit” so I sent forward 2 images in each category.

Last week the results came through and even though I didn’t win either class I was lucky enough to get runner up in both and a Highly Commended in the Open class. If you have been following my posts on here or on my Facebook page you will perhaps recognise the shots but I thought I would share them here in this post. The competition judge, Derry Brabbs is good enough to explain his considerations in comments which I have included. Indulge me.

Buttermere from High Stile

Buttermere from Fleetwith Pike- Runner up, Themed Class. (This was actually a “selfie” and Bailey happened to be looking in the right direction)

‘I love everything about this photograph, especially the dog who seems just as mesmerized by the beauty of the sunset as his master! It is a perfectly composed and well executed picture that simply oozes atmosphere and despite the strong backlighting from the setting sun, there is plenty of texture and detail in the foreground rocks.’

Lingmoor Light, Lingmoor Fell and the Langdale Pikes

Lingmoor Light- Runner up Open Class. (Taken on a wildcamp on Lingmoor Fell and this was the best that the light got, now used by Lakes Cottage Holidays as the front cover of their 2106 brochure.)

‘A perfectly composed picture with the strong cluster of sunlit rocks in the foreground leading onto the snaking line of wall and up to the distinctive outline of the Langdale Pikes. The sun-drenched clouds complete this memorable photograph that is a perfect example of the merits of using a vertical format for some landscape situations.’

Castlerigg Lambs, Keswick

Castlerigg Lambs- Highly Commended, Open Class. (I was just lucky with the lambs, it took several attempts to capture them all looking the right direction. It was used by BBC Look North for their weather image for several weeks last spring)

‘I just love this picture and having spent decades trying to herd sheep and lambs into empty foreground spaces, I really appreciated the way that photographer not only captured their game of ‘King of the Castle’ but also managed to do it in sumptuous lighting conditions.’

 So from four entries I ended up with 3 results which of course I am rather pleased with. The Overall winning shot in the competition was a superb atmospheric image of a frosty summit of the fell Sallows by Niels Rasmussen, well done Neils. I am not sure I will ever get to win the competition but it is just a bit of fun, even better to be placed.

 Followers of this website will know that currently I have no separate setup for prints of my photographs to be ordered and this is a feature which will come online once I get the Wainwrights in Colour completed. In the meantime I do supply prints by request via email at:


  1. Love your photographs which thoroughly deserved success in the competition. I’m sorry to read that your Mum passed away and you will need time to get back on track. We can all wait a little longer for Wainwrights in Colour.

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