The unsold fells.

When I post sketches from the Wainwrights in Colour project on social media I often get messages as to whether the work is for sale. The individual sketches are only sold as part of a series from each fell and as such are not sold separately besides, most of these fells are already purchased and hanging in customers homes. There are no copies or prints available of any of the sketches. As the work nears its completion the list of the few remaining fells which are available for purchase gets smaller. Obviously when the book gets published these works will have a new audience and I don’t expect to have them for long.

 Currently I have some of the unsold works here in my studio, complete and ready for sale. Others are yet to be finished and will be some of the last to be finished. I do plan to have any unsold works on display when I am out and about giving talks on the project so there is no real urgency to sell them all off.

If anyone would like to purchase one of the few remaining fells from this unique project then the current list is available here: Unsold Work. The prices start from £400, so do get in contact if there are any further questions.

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