The 2020 Lakeland Christmas Quiz

The results are in!

Many thanks to everyone who took part in the 2020 Lakeland Christmas Quiz. I considered that giving the quiz a theme of Wainwright Rocks would have made it a bit more interesting/challenging than just a simple “guess the fell” type of quiz. It seems that the copies of the Pictorial Guides (and The Wainwrights in Colour) will have been well thumbed through over the Christmas period. Of course the downside to this is that the more you looked at the books the more you took note of all the rock illustrations in the them. Consequently the scores are much closer than I imagined which made it more difficult when adding up the scores. As you will see from the answers, I was looking for exact answers in most cases as detailed in the questions. Points were dropped if these criteria were not met….tough but necessary.

Here are the scores. The table shows scores of 100 +. There are just too many entries to show all scores. If you are not on the table and wish to know your score then just email me. Well done to the top four who all achieved maximum scores. Update 13th Jan, the final results with adjusted scores after the tie breaker. Well done to Fran Idle and Ian baines for getting top marks. Also to Don Dawber and Kevin Potts who both only got one answer incorrect. The draw for the 5 winners of the mounted pages from The Wainwrights in Colour are: Elaine Roscoe, Tony Jones, Jill Holliday, Michael Warren and Valeria Ronco. Well done. I will email you all individually to arrange delivery of the prizes.

Thank you all for taking part.

Fran Idle (Joint 1st)153 + 18 = 171
Ian Baines (Joint 1st)153 + 18 = 171
Don Dawber (Joint 3rd) 153 + 12 = 165
Kevin Potts (Joints 3rd)153 + 12 = 165
Steve Dootson150
Julie and Derek Willsher150
David Sanders150
Graham James148
Sally Wilson146
Graham Leigh145
Simon Lockyer144
Derek Whiteway143
David Monteith142
Elaine Roscoe142
Lesley Ritchie140
John Atherton140
Valeria Ronco137
Pete Carter137
Michael Luzanycia136
Anne Harlow136
Tony Jones136
Alistair Charlesworth136
T Wilkinson135
Simon Smith134
Charlie Ellis131
Mike Ventress131
Paul Zepler128
Arran Sutherland126
Anne Morton126
Paul Young126
Rod Morton126
Paul Gregson125
Jill Holliday121
Brian McCoy116
Tony Warren108
Michael Warren102
Edward Foster100
The Answers:

Day One. (A) The name of this rock- Moses’ Finger (3 points). (B) the name of this fell-Lingmell (2 points). (C) the name of the fell on which I am standing- Great Gable. (2 points)

Day Two. (A) The Name of this rocky tor- Rosthwaite Cam (3 points). (B) the name of this tarn- Tarn at Leaves (2 points). (C) This is the “Wainwright” summit of the fell but what is the name of this top? (Edit. This top has a different name to that of the Wainwright Fell name) Bessyboot (2 points).

Day three. (A) Name this large rock, also named on the OS maps Blea Rock (or Gash Rock) (3pts). (B) Name this fell Eagle Crag (3 pts) (C) the name of this fell Sergeant’s Crag (3pts).

Day Four: (A) AW drew a sketch of this rock, give his caption for that illustration (five words) Big perched boulder Calf Cove (4pts). (B) The name of this fell Dow Crag (3pts). (C) The name of tarn just out of sight in this valley Seathwaite Tarn (3pts)

Day Five: A relatively easier one today. (A) The name that AW gave this rock Catbells Pinnacle (3pts). (B) The name of this fell (as per the Pictorial Guides) Skiddaw Little Man (3pts). (C) The name of this body of water Derwentwater (2pts).

Day Six: (A) the name (caption) that AW gave to his illustration of this huge lump of rock Fallen Stone (3 pts). (B) The name of the hamlet in the valley Seathwaite (3 pts). (C) The name of the beck here which tumbles over some delightful falls to reach the valley bottom Sour Milk Gill (3 pts).

Day Seven: Happy Christmas Day! My gift to you is a selection of “Chocks” (you see what I did there? 🙂 ) Today there are three photo clues, each featuring chockstones. (A) Name of this ravine Cust’s Gully (3 pts)

(B) The name/caption that AW gave to this location “The 10′ Chockstone pitch” (5 pts)

(C) These chockstones block the natural way so what is the name of this route diversion The Bad Step (4 pts)

Day 8: Back to a single photo for today. (A) Name of this peak of rock Jopplety How (3pts). (B) The name of this fell High Seat (3pts). (C) The Wainwright name of the fell that I am standing on Grange Fell but Brund Fell was also accepted (3pts).

Day 9: You recognise the location but do you know the answers? (A) The name of this rock Iron Stone (3pts). (B) The name of this gulley Red Gill (3pts). (C) The name of the fell directly behind me Mellbreak (2pts).

Day 10: Another relatively easy day today for you to boost your points tally :). (A) Name of this big boulder Badger Rock or Brock Stone (3pts). (B) Name of this Wainwright fell Sallows (3pts) (C) This track has a name, what is it? Garburn Road or Garburn Pass (3pts).

Day 11: It was an easy day yesterday so for today we are going back to three photos and rocks to identify. To make it more difficult none of these rocks are identified on the OS maps but they all appear as illustrations in the Pictorial Guides.

(A) The “appropriate” name that AW gave to this rock pinnacle Cold Pike Tooth (4pts). (B) The name of this Wainwright fell Great Carrs (4pts).

(C) The name of the fell on which this “pointed boulder” is located Grey Friar (3 pts)

(D) The caption and location that AW gave to this boulder (the one under the illustration) Rock Pinnacle- Brown Crag (4pts).

Day 12: There are quite a few erratic boulders on the lakeland fells. This is one that AW illustrated in the PG’s, sadly it has now lost the small pile of stones on the top but it has a very distinctive wedge shape. (A) Name the fell on which it sits Armboth Fell (3pts). (B) The name of this Wainwright fell on the distant skyline Ullscarf (High Saddle and Low Saddle are the rises on the ridge which seems to have casused some confusion) (3pts). (C) The name of the small tarn that lies just out of sight in this valley Launchy Tarn (3pts).

Day 13: (A) The name of this rock feature Fox Bield (3pts). (B) The name of this Wainwright fell Longside (3pts). (C) The name of this saddle/depression Carl Side Col (3pts).

Day 14: The penultimate day. Split and broken. Even though a couple of these are “off the beaten track” they were all illustrated by AW in the PG’s.

(A) Name the Wainwright fell on which this fractured boulder is located Buckbarrow (4pts)

(B) The name of this boulder (marked on the OS Maps) Y Boulder or split boulder (4pts) (C) The name of this col Wind Gap (5pts)

(D) The name of this stone (as in the PG) Dumpy Stone (6pts)

Day 15- the final clue: I thought this would catch a few out (A) The description that AW gave this rock “Father and mother of all boulders” (5pts). (B) the name of this beck Newlands Beck (4pts). (C) By carrying along this path you will arrive at which tarn? Dalehead Tarn (4pts).

Tie break question- answers.

I knew that I would have to be a bit clever to separate the four join top scorers and now that the answers have been submitted my plan sort of worked. However we still ended up with 2 top scorers and two joint second.

Here are the answers to the tie-breaker.

(A) The Ull Stone (Kentmere) (3pts)

(B) Rock Tor (Raise) (4pts)

(C) Sphinx Rock or Cat Rock (Great Gable) (5pts)

(D) ( I admit to being a bit sneaky here) Rock Tor (Raise) but seen from a different angle. (6pts)

1st Prize: (and in keeping with this years theme) is a small original watercolour sketch of Napes Needle (details here ). This is a version of the same view that appears in The Wainwrights in Colour.

1st prize, Napes Needle watercolour sketch

2nd prize: A copy of The Wainwrights in Colour and Wainwrights in Colour mug (details here )

Wainwrights in Colour book and mug
The Wainwrights in Colour Book and Mug

3rd prize: A rare copy of Book One, The Eastern Fells, generously donated by Chris Butterfield of Alfred Wainwright Books and Memorabilia. This is a pristine (hardback) copy of AW’s first guidebook, printed back in 2005 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original publication. Using the similar papers and bindings as those used back in 1955 and one of the last to be printed in Kendal before the printing was moved to China.

Book One- The Eastern Fells

Extra Prizes for 2020.

Excluding the top three winners, this year anyone who enters the competition will be in with a chance of winning one of 5 signed and mounted fell pages from The Wainwrights in Colour. 5 names will picked at random from entrants no matter how many points they scored. (A choice of fells will be offered but cannot be guarenteed)

Pages from The Wainwrights in colour
Mounted fell pages.
The Rules

The competition will run from Saturday 19th December 2020 until Saturday 2nd January 2021 with clues posted daily. Please do not post your answers or guesses on social media, it will spoil it for others and where ever possible they will be deleted. The decision of the judge is final, no alternative or cash prizes will be offered. Entries must be submitted no later than 10pm on Wednesday the 6th January 2021Do not submit entries until the final question has been posted when details of how to submit your entry will be published. Prizes will be dispatched to UK mainland addresses P&P free. If winners are outside this area then P&P will have to be covered by the prize winner.


  1. Away man Andy!, Day 1&2 ain’t that bad, but Day 3!!

    • haha, really Gregg? I thought that day three was one of the easier ones? The two fells seen from the nice valley are the giveaways lol

  2. Hi Andy,
    The quiz has helped me pass the time whilst in this Corvid time Day’s 1,2,4, and 5 but day 3 has me stumped. Keep up the great work

    I am not getting the updates each day I thought I had subscribed could you check for me, email address (I put it down to old age)

    • Hi Tony.
      Glad that you are enjoying the quiz.Stangely it seems that day three is the one that has been more difficult thatn others yet I reckoned it on being one of the easier ones. I will check your sunscription and email you.

  3. Really enjoying the Quiz Andy … great idea to pass those idle Christmas moments! Seasons best wishes to you and yours

  4. Hi Andy, just came across this today (Day 6) so have done some serious catching up this afternoon, they are quite tough. Day 2 caused me some problems but think I’ve got them all to date or let’s say I have an answer for them all 🙂

  5. Only just found this on day 10! I thought day 3 was an easy one. Now searching through all the guidebooks thinking “I know I have seen that somewhere!”. Great quiz, many thanks Andy!

  6. Still enjoying the quiz and I’ll miss it when it concludes. Your photos bring lots of reminders of enjoyed routes walked too long ago and some paths not walked at all. Depressing that I’ve been unable to walk the fells for much of this year owing to ongoing restrictions but looking forward to getting back on the tops when some sort of normality resumes. I started developing my love for the fells around the time that AW was writing Bk 1 but nearly 10 years passed before I began carrying the relevant book in my pocket. Little has changed over the years other than some badly eroded paths and too much discarded litter, the fells will still be there long after I’m gone!

    • Thank you for the comment John. Good luck with the quiz. Hopefully the days of getting back onto the fells is not too far away.

  7. Andy

    Thanks for the quiz, – struggled with one or two, but brought back great memories of great days on the fells over the past sixty years Have a great new year, hopefully we can get back to visiting Lakeland again this year.

  8. Thanks again for the quiz Andy, really enjoyed it. Congratulations to all the prize winners!

  9. Thanks for running this Andy, I enjoyed it. Chuffed to have got 126, well done to those who got full marks, a great effort!

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