West Loups’s Abandoned Farmstead

West Loups's ruined farmstead, Cothersone Moor, Teesdale

Embark on a leisurely walk to West Loups’s Abandoned Farmstead on Cotherstone Moor, accessible via a public footpath. Note that this area, part of an active Army Firing Range, requires caution with red flags. The ruins at West Loups’s, rich in history, offer insights into past settlements and army training remnants. Prehistoric rock art and scenic views complement the walk, but visit only during safe, flag-free days.

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Cotherstone Moor

Lamb Hill, Cotherstone Moor

A short wander over Cotherstone Moor to visit Lamb Hill and the old tank wreck. On Location: Cotherstone Moor 27th April 2021 Please Note: This route is over “Open Access” land and uses public footpaths as much as possible. Dogs should be kept under close control and due to the…

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