The Annual Lakeland Fell quiz

Here is the Guess the Lakeland Fell Quiz for 2023

The results are in……at last. Apologies for the delay in posting the results and answers but we had a tie break to sort out.

As it happens the tie break clue didn’t solve the tie so I have decided to have joint winners who both scored a full house of 93 points. Each will win an original sketch. Well done to Steve Dootson and Ian Baines

2nd prize (90 points) Kathryn Hodgson

3rd prize (89 points) Vincent Lo

Other high scorers:

87 points John Lennox and Kevin Potts

86 points Fran Idle

85 points Don Dawber

83 points Tim Crapnell

81 points Fiona McMillan

79 points Derek Whiteway and Micheal Luzanycia

77 points Tony Jones.

Too many other results to post here but thank you all for taking part.

The ten lucky winners of the Lakeland 2024 calendar will be notified by email.

Lakeland Fell Quiz 2023

The Answers. 

Tie break clue: (very tough) Over the years Bailey and I got ourselves into some “off the beaten track” places. This is one of them. A path hardly used by regular walkers but very close to a popular route. (A) Just beyond Bailey is a scree gully that leads up to a named saddle between two fells (just out of shot to the right). Give the name of that saddle. Deepdale Hause (3 points) (B) This ridge leads up to the summit of which fell? St Sunday Crag (2 points)


Lakeland quiz 2023 top dog. Guess the fell 2023

This year, as a bit of a tribute to my late walking companion Bailey the theme of the 2023 quiz is TOP DOG. It’s a bit like “Where’s Wally” but more like “Where’s Bailey”. As a Wainwright 214 Completer he certainly got to know the Lakeland Fells really well. The quiz this year should still be a challenge for everyone of all knowledge skills.

Day One

Guess the fell 2023 day one

(A) The name of this Wainwright fell where Bailey is sitting Low Pike (2 points) (B) The name of the Wainwright fell in the distance. Little Hart Crag (2 points)

Day Two

Keeping things relatively easy to start with. (A) This is the summit of which Waiwright Fell Troutbeck Tongue (2 points). (B) Name this body of water Windermere (2 points).

Day Three

Where is top dog Bailey today? (A) Name this Wainwright fell Yoke (2 points). (B) the name of the large body of water just up this valley Kentmere reservoir (3 points)

Day Four

EDITED- The question has now been corrected. A little bit tougher today.  (A) This cairn is on which named high point (not a Wainwright fell) Black Crag (3 points) (B) Name of this Wainwright fell Red Pike (Wasdale) (3 points).

Day Five

The weather obscures some of the clues but (A) Name the Wainwright Fell that Bailey is on (he isn’t on the summit) Ullscarf (3 points) (B) Give the name of this valley. Langstrath (3 points)

Day Six

Another fell ticked off for Bailey. (A) Give the name of this cairn Greatrigg Man (3 points) (B) The name of this body of water Grasmere (3 points).

Day Seven

A more wintery scene today (A) This cairn is on which Wainwright fell? White Side (2 points). (B) Name this Wainwright fell Watson’s Dodd (3 points)

Day Eight

This photo takes us back. Taken only a short time after we re-homed Bailey from the Dog’s Trust. When he was extremely thin as you can see from the photo. He soon put on weight though. (A) This is the summit of which Wainwright fell? Kidsty Pike (2 points). (B) The name of this Wainwright fell Mardale Ill Bell (2 points).

Day Nine

Happy Christmas to you! We are about half way through the quiz. I hope that you are enjoying it. Here is today’s clue. (A) The name of this Wainwright fell Raise (2 points). (B) The name of this saddle Sticks Pass (3 points)

Day Ten

After a day of festivities yesterday here is an easy one for you. (A) This is the true summit of which Wainwright fell? Armboth Fell (2 points). (B) Name this Wainwright fell High Tove (2 points)

Day Eleven

Top dog Bailey is admiring a fine Lake District view today. (A) We are on a Wainwright Fell but give the name of this high point on which Bailey is standing. Ether Knott (3 points). (B) The name of this Wainwright Fell Ullscarf (2 points) 

Day Twelve

Rusty coloured hound next to a rusty pile of iron. (A) This cairn is on the summit of which Wainwright fell? Starling Dodd (2 points). (B) Name this Wainwright Fell Pillar (2 points)

Day Thirteen

Don’t go too near the edge Bailey! (A) name the Wainwright fellwhich Bailey is on Ard Crags (3 points). (B) Name this distant Wainwright fell Hindscarth (3 points)

Day Fourteen

I never know just where to pitch the difficulty of this annual quiz. I hope that it has been challenging enough over the Christmas period. Today’s photo of Bailey watching the sun setting may be quite testing. (A) Name the Wainwright fell that we are on Kirk Fell (3 points). (B) The name of the fell marked by the arrow Haystacks (3 points)

Day Fifteen

It’s New Year’s Eve so not many more days to go of the quiz. Try this one. (A) Not so easy but this cairn sits on which non-Wainwright top Rowantreethwaite (1 point for Brown Howe as per some hill lists) (3 points). (B) Name this Wainwright Fell Kidsty Pike (2 points)

Day Sixteen

Happy New Year to you! If you thought that I was going to be gentle with you after a late night…….sorry. Let’s see how you get on with this one. (A) Name the Wainwright fell which Bailey is on (EDIT: this isn’t the summit which is 150m up to the right) Hart Crag (3 points). (B) Name this Wainwright fell Great Rigg (3 points).

Day Seventeen

The penultimate clue to this year’s quiz. (A) Name this Wainwright fell that Bailey is on Low Fell (3 points). (B) Name of this Wainwright fell Burnbank Fell (3 points)

Day Eighteen

It’s the final clue in this annual quiz. And top dog Bailey photobombs the shot 🙂 (A) Give the name of the Wainwright fell that we are on Seathwaite Fell (3 points) and finally (B) Give the name of this ravine Central Gully (Great End) (3 points)

And that’s it, all done and dusted for the 2023 quiz. Thank you again to everyone who took part. Glad that you enjoyed it. 

The Rules.

  1. The quiz runs from Sunday 17th December and runs through to Wednesday 3rd January 2024 with one picture posted each day.
  2. Closing date for entries is 9pm on Sunday 7th January 2024. Details will be given of how to submit your entries after the last photo has been posted.
  3. The results will be posted here as soon as possible after that date. 
  4. It is a free to enter quiz. 
  5. Please do not post answers up on social media. Those that do so will be disqualified from entering the quiz.
  6. The judges decision is final. In the case of a tie, a deciding photo will be posted to determine the overall winner.
  7. There are no cash alternatives to the prizes. Prizes will be posted out free of charge to mainland UK only.

The Prizes

There are prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd with a draw for a prize for everyone who enters.

1st prize: An original small framed pen and wash sketch of Scafell Pike Summit worth (£65.00)

Scafell Pike summit small sketch by Andy Beck


2nd prize: A mounted Lakeland Fell print from the current range. The fell of your choice.

Great Gable. Print mounted by Andy Beck

3rd prize: A ceramic Lakeland Fell mug from the current range.

New range of Lakeland Fells mugs from Andy Beck Images

Bonus prizes: There will also be 10 bonus prizes of copies of the Lakeland Fell 2024 calendar. These will be awarded from a draw of everyone who enters the quiz. So even if you don’t know all the answers it is still worth entering.

Lakeland Fells calendar 2024 by Andy Beck

If you have any questions about the quiz feel free to drop me an email to:

Good Luck!


It has become a bit of an annual tradition now for Andy to put together this quiz over the festive period. He uses references that he has obtained over many years walking the Lake District Fells. Many of which were locations that he visited whilst working on the Wainwrights is Colour. It is basically a “just for fun” quiz but with the added bonus of some unique Lakeland Fell prizes.


  1. Hi Andy

    I am not receiving your 2023 quiz questions via my email address although I have subscribed, please advise

    • Hi Tony,
      Thanks for the comment. As I only update the page everyday and don’t make a new post you may not receive daily alerts.

  2. Thank you for putting this together again, and what a wonderful tribute to the beautiful Bailey! So far so good, with the right amount of challenges and head scratching. Of course, by so far so good I mean that I’ve come up with some answers, but not necessarily the right ones!
    Merry Christmas to you and family 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment Valeria.
      Glad that you are enjoying the quiz. I am sure that you will do quite well as usual.
      Merry Christmas to you too.

  3. Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the quiz again this year. A great tribute to Bailey.

    Could I just clarify what the closing date is? Is it Saturday 6th January or Sunday 7th Jan as it can’t be Sunday 6th!



    • Hi Ian,
      Thanks for the comment. Glad that you are enjoying the quiz. Yes, my mistake, the entries have to be in by 9pm on Sunday 7th. I will edit the post.
      Well spotted.

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