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As some of you may know, photography is really the ‘second string to my bow” as far as income goes. Artwork is my main priority. However, with thanks to various platforms of social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook many of my followers see me as a photographer first. I’m not complaining, it is humbling that people enjoy the images that I produce through the lens of my camera.

Even more humbling is when people part with their money to purchase prints of my images.

Whether it has been my recent regular postings of fresh work or the fact that this website has been getting more attention, the increase in print orders has seen a steady upturn. Consequently I have been kept busy fulfilling orders for prints.

Andy Beck photographs

The one thing that I am proud of when an order for a print comes in is that I can give the request a personal touch. Admittedly, I don’t actually print the image off myself, I have neither the time nor the equipment to produce high end copies. I leave that to experts with up to date and expensive printers. Not only do they provide a first class service in terms of quality but also a quick turnaround on orders. They send the prints back to me usually within a 24 hour period. From there I am able to check each print individually. Then I either dispatch it direct to the customer as it is or I hand cut a mount for the image as per the order.

Andy Beck framing

I have always been reluctant to use a third party to print and distribute photographs. Not only is the process out of my hands and I miss the personal contact with my customer, but also the third party will take a hefty cut. I recently saw a company that charges over £40 for a 5”x 8” print, thats a huge difference to the £12.00 for a 12”x 8” print that I charge on this website.

So remember, if you are considering purchasing a print from myself, you will be buying direct from me and getting that very personal service.

P.S. I have had requests about producing a calendar of my work. There are plans to do something along those lines, using new fresh work instead of old shots from my archive. Watch this space for news in the future.

Thank you for you custom.

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