The Best of February 2021

A gallery of images from the month of February

Another month has passed with the continued lockdown restrictions. Once again this meant that my travels were limited. A couple of trips down to the local town but nothing further afield. As frustrating as this is I prefer to stick to the government guidelines. The time will come when I will be back to travelling far and wide soon enough. So all images shown here were taken on walks from my front door.

The harsh winter weather continued through from the end of January. It has been one of the most prolonged periods of cold weather here in the north pennines for quite a few years. Slightly warmer conditions did come in at the middle of the month. Signs of spring started to show and that helped to lift the spirits.

Just click on the images to view then in a lightbox.

As with all of my work the images are available as prints or for use under license commercially or for editorial purposes. Just contact me via email for further information.

If you have enjoyed this selection then why not take a look at January’s gallery here.

Thanks for looking.

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