The Yorkshire Dales

Swaledale tups

Even though I live in Teesdale (which is now classed as County Durham(for administrative purposes)) at one time the land south of the Tees would have been the Yorkshire Dales.However what is now regarded by some as “The Yorkshire Dales” lie just over the hill to the south. I often visit there to explore the wonderful landscape that makes up the hills and valleys of this popular area. Posts will be made here on this page as and when I can, please bear with me as I work through the backlog of outings.

This map is just for guidance only and it is my version of the Yorkshire Dales, not the official one.

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On Location Yorkshire Dales

A list of photographic locations and walks in the Yorkshire Dales from Andy Beck
Locationdatewalk or location 
Swaledale and Muker meadows1st July 2020Photographic location and walkJuly haymeadow, Swaledale
Sheep on Kisdon17th August 2020WalkSwaledale Tups
Great Coum, Dentdale30th June 2018WalkDentdale from the Megger Stones

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