Helvellyn Lower Man

Wainwright summit: GR: NY33745 15543 Height: 3033′ True height: 3033′ 925m (same location)

Helvellyn Lower Man line drawing. Wainwright Helvellyn Lower Man

Summary: Helvellyn Lower Man is situated approximately 700m north-west of Helvellyn summit and really can only be classed as a feature of that mountain as it is so closely linked. Wainwright when compiling his orginal lists did include Helvellyn Lower Man as a separate fell but it was not given its own chapter in the Pictorial Guides. Creating a chapter for this fell would have been a challange with it being sandwiched between Swirral Edge and the col to White Side. He did though allocate one well considered page to it in the Helvellyn chapter (Helvellyn 18), a page which has a good description and three excellent drawings. Sadly the most recent (Walkers) revision of the Pictorial Guides has seen fit to slice up this page, forsaking AW’s clever design. From afar Helvellyn Lower Man can have a distinct peak-like profile (not unlike neighbouring Catstye Cam) and this is most likely the reason that this fell is drawn and named in over 80 views from other fells in the seven Pictorial Guides. Helvellyn Lower Man summit is more often than not bypassed by walkers on the way to Helvellyn summit on the route from Thirlspot.

Topographical detail: The highest point of the fell is a small plateau and the summit is marked with a small cairn from where there is a good view of Swirral Edge in profile.

Helvellyn Lower Man summit line drawing. Wainwright Helvellyn Lower Man

Points of Interest: Browncove Crags are an impressive bluff of bare rock which has several climbing and scrambling routes of varying grades which come into their own in winter. Look down into Brown Cove itself and you will see the tarn which was once dammed. There you will also see the remains of old mine workings in the higher reaches of the cove.

Adjoining fells: Helvellyn is a short distance to the south east. Catstye Cam lies to the east, reached via Swirral Edge. White Side to the north is attained by descending the north ridge to the col.

Nearest Facilities: To the west, Car parking at Swirls just off the A591. Nearest food, drink accomodation (including camping) can be found at The Kings Head Hotel at Thirlspot. If approaching the fell from the east there is car parking in Glenridding village where there is a pay and display car park but out of season there are spaces for free parking. Shops, cafes, pubs and accomodation all available in Glenridding.

Tarns: Brown Cove Tarn

Waterfalls: One or two falls in Helvellyn Gill of note.

Star rating: [usr 2.3] As a “stand alone” fell Helvellyn Lower Man lacks quality but the views and nearby rock scenery add merit.

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