Winter in Kentmere.

With the pressure now on to complete the Wainwrights in Colour Project my time is limited for days out on the fells. However, the offer to get a walk in with a friend and visit Kentmere on Friday was too good to pass by. The conditions on the fells recently have been wonderful so we had fingers crossed that the weather would hold. We were not to be disappointed. This is just a sample of the many photographs I took on the day.

Kentmere and the Ill Bell Ridge

The view of the Ill Bell range.

I have not even had time to look through most of the images but hopefully soon I will put the story together and post it. Of course, this is just what my On Location page will be all about where you can follow my exploits and even get inspired to go out there yourself.

So watch this space and if you haven’t done so already why not subscribe to receive updates. Don’t forget, if you subscribe before the 16th you will be in with a chance to win that superb signed Peter Freeman Book.


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