Thunacar Knott

Wainwright summit*: GR: NY27894 08130 2351′ True height: GR: NY27975 07992 2372′ 723m

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Topographical features: In the Thunacar Knott chapter AW acknowledges that there is higher ground to the south of his “recognised summit”. Propbably due to the fact that the lower summit had a well made cairn which walkers could easily locate he gave that top priority in his guide. This is therefore the Wainwright summit. Following more recent remeasuring the true summit of the fell is not at the higher ground of 2362′ (shown in his drawing Thunacar Knott 3) but at a location slightly to the north east of that point at a height of 2372′ where there is a more recent cairn.

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Adjoining Fells: Harrison Stickle, High Raise, Pavey Ark, Sergeant Man

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