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  1. Thank you Andy , for a different view on Yoke. I will have to try this way when I’m up in the Lakes next year. I like the idea of quiet walks taking time to look around at the views? Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Celia, yes this is certainly a quiet route, not even covered in some guidebooks. It is steep and exposed in places but well worth a visit.

  2. Fabulous photos, Andy. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Pam.
      These sort of set backs delay the publication of the book but better to get it right before going to print as there is no second chance with that.

  3. Brilliant blog Andy and I love your photos ! Feel proud to be in one ! Thanks again and keep up the brilliant blogs !

  4. Excellent photography and a very informative blog. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

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  6. Thank you Andy your photos give me the opportunity to see the fells and the views from the places I would love to see but am not able. I cant wait for the book!!!!

  7. Thanks so much , Andy ! Will watch for the new site.

  8. Love your photographs which thoroughly deserved success in the competition. I’m sorry to read that your Mum passed away and you will need time to get back on track. We can all wait a little longer for Wainwrights in Colour.

  9. Well done, Andy. A great photo which makes me want to get back to the fells.

    • Thank you Diane, yes I know what you mean, missing the fells myself at the moment, just putting the finishing touches to the book so sort of confined to barracks here.

  10. Love these photos, Andy. Your pictures are always lovely.

  11. Glad you’ve got settled back into things Andy 🙂

    • Thank you Richard, it is good to be back at work but it may be some weeks before I am back on the fells as I need to catch up on 5 weeks of work.

  12. Sometimes, an unwanted/unexpected change can be a change for the better. Good luck in your new home and business premises.

    • Thanks Macca, yes, we are now taking a positive attitude to this turn of events but it certainly wasn’t something that I needed at this stage of the book.

  13. Looking forward to receiving my pre-paid copy of the book. The time scale seems to ever extending but I’m sure it will be worth it.

  14. My name is David Bradwell and on March 7thI ordered and paid for this publication, I also paid for postage and packing.
    I haven’t received anything up to now and I was wondering if there is a problem?

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  16. Proud of you Mr.B.
    Love your complete dedication to every single aspect of your amazing 10 year project.
    Can’t wait to come see another of your fascinating talks which are truly informative, full of captivating interest and of course your cheeky humour too.


    • Thank you Lesley.
      I will make sure that next time you know what time the talk starts so that you get to see the first fifteen minutes of it. lol

  17. That was a great account! Thanks.

  18. Fantastic news! I told you it’s a winner and now everyone will know. Very well deserved Andy & Esther.

  19. So very proud of what you have achieved Andy and I admire your dedication and passion to the wainwright’s in colour project. The end result is a stunning beautiful book, a must have for lovers of Lakeland and art.
    A much deserved win.

  20. Christopher Butterfield

    I was so overjoyed when I heard the news. I knew it would come in first place as there is no other book out there like it. This is a masterpiece.
    Other books on Wainwright may be published in the future, but nothing will come close to this as a work of art, love and dedication.
    Enjoy this fabulous moment Andy and Esther.

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  22. Congratulations Andy. We knew this project was something special from when we stumbled across it at Rheged. We had no idea how epic it would become for you, and are glad you a) had no idea either, and b) have the tenacity and family support to enable you to bring it to fulfillment. The awards and plaudits are fully deserved, and your determination to do this using local bookshops and mail order continues and honours the Wainwright legacy.

  23. Many congratulations Andy, I have followed your glittering career for some time and, quite frankly, I am not surprised that you are the recipient of such a prestigious award. Your dedication to the task over such a long period of time is a testament to your strength of character. As a completely unbiased observer, it would appear to me to be a result of your fine NornIron upbringing and the discipline of serving with the ‘Regiment’ … I promised myself that I would not make any reference to Gibraltar ..! Anyway, I am led to believe that Santa has a copy of your book that may be delivered, via a not-too-hot chimney, to this address … The lovely lady from the Hedgehog bookshop in Penrith was so enthusiastic about you and the book that she would certainly be a wonderful PR person for you ..! I am sure that you are inundated with messages of congratulations for your magnificent achievement.

    • Thank you for the comments Colin.Yes, I think that the discipline that I gained from my service has helped in seeing the whole thing through. I am actually off to deliver more copies of the books to Hedgehog Bookshop this afternoon where the books have been selling rather well thanks to their enthusiasm.

  24. Congratulations Andy

  25. I’ll say it again, ‘It’s a winner!’ Good luck in the BBC Countryfile Awards!

  26. Congratulations on being shortlisted Andy and good luck as it certainly deserves to be the winner.

  27. Congratultaions my good friend. You did it again. Another cracking win. You owe it to yourself not to be sober for even a second this weekend.

  28. Fantastic news and well deserved! Congratulations.

  29. Best wishes for all your forthcoming adventures. Keep us all informed and we will be looking forward to the next Andy Beck production!


    • Thank you Richard, The Wainwrights in Colour will be a hard act for me to follow but hopefully it will be interesting enough for you to keep in touch.

  30. Looking forward to your Teesdale venture

  31. Christopher Butterfield

    Thanks for the detailed report from your trip to Blenheim Palace.
    Hot off the heels of the Keswick Mountain Festival, it looks like it was yet another very successful event for you.
    A year on, the book is still going from strength to strength. Congratulations Andy.

    • Thnaks Chris, yes it has been a very busy time and looks like the next few months are busy as well with talks and other shows. Still, these books don’t sell themselves 🙂

  32. Great to hear that you met your targets Andy but sorry that the Countryfile team did not make more of your presence there. Really enjoyed your spots on Look North with Paul Mooney, and thought that you came across very well, eloquent and so knowledgeable. I was gutted to have missed you at the Hedgehog bookshop in Penrith where I bought my copy of The Wainwrights in Colour.

    • Hi Colin, Thank you for the comment. I am sure that the CF team had lots to do and see, it will be on TV on Sunday night (19th). yes, the piece on look North was a nice bonus, thank you for your kind comment.

  33. Placed my vote 🙂

  34. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts Andy and I’m equally as proud to now own a copy of your wonderful book. Thank you.

  35. Hi Andy, this is a theme I hear from professional and amateur photographers alike, that I am acquainted with.
    There maybe a few burgeoning charities and good causes out there are are truly strapped for funds with which to run the organisation, but to get a contact from an example that has a significant budget for marketing, and be told they don’t pay for content, is downright immoral!!!!!
    Naming no names, I am aware of one charity that does worthy work for some of the disadvantaged in society, that itself was becoming close to going under due to a lack of funds. It turns out that the directors of the charity had still awarded themselves a handsome increase in remuneration, despite the situation they were in. There are more rotten “apples” out there in trusted positions, than there should be, who have no problem with preying on the “creatives”!

    Always a pleasure to hear from time to time,of your latest project and work.

    • Hi Ed,
      Yes, to be honest when I looked into the reply that I had got and then checked the financial situation of the charity I was more than a little disappointed, I would love to have the 20% of the funds that they have. But this wasn’t just a post about a charity, it could have been any form of business or even individual for that matter, they just happened to be the most recent of a long line.
      More blogs coming shortly on my new work.

  36. I understand and agree with your reasons. Even as an amateur, I had a request a few years ago from a rep for Michellin I Spy Books. They were bringing out some new books after a gap, they wanted some of the Lake District, and I was asked could they have some. I decided as it was a commercial request to ask about payment . We agreed £ 10 per image. I then had to put twenty images on cd and post it off. I received a couple of free books when they came out…… payment. So i sent an invoice for £200 . And a reminder. I was contacted then, is it ok if they only pay for the ten they used, not the twenty they asked for!? Better than nowt so agreed and eventually received the 100 . Many other Flickr people supplied free. Why? Not my job, but time and effort. So dont ask, dont get. Quite agree with your situation

    • Hi Linda,
      Yes, sadly as I said in the blog, I will be one amongst many who have been in this situation, including yourself. If folk want to give away stuff for free then thats up to them, it’s not a position that I will adopt from now on.

  37. An inspirational video to get out there and enjoy the fells.
    Some wonderful photos of the majestic scenery!

  38. Do I answer the quiz questions in here???

    • Hi Matthew.
      No, as I state in the rules, when the last daily question has been posted I will give details of how to submit your answers. Thanks for taking part, good luck!

  39. Don’t think so. Rules above say “Do not submit entries until the final question has been posted when details of how to submit your entry will be published.”

  40. How much for the book? Including postage please

  41. Thanks for the “heads up” Andy, will certainly take a look. Hope you and yours are managing to keep safe and that your Art is flowing as always :-).