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Introducing a new range of products from Andy Beck Images.

Maybe you are like me and thought that the good old days of putting pen to paper was a thing of the past. Apparently not.

After speaking to lots of people at events and shows last year “journaling” as well as physically writing in notebooks is a popular pastime. It seems that to pick up a pen and put thoughts and ideas down in notebooks and journals is the “in thing”. I can understand why. As good as typing at a keyboard or phone screen is it lacks the personality and character of the author. There can’t be anything to replicate the individual handwriting skills that we all have. And I am speaking as someone whose handwriting is not very good. Maybe I should practise more.

So we took the input from customers and visitors onboard and we are now really excited to launch our “Stationery” range of products.

Andy Beck Images Stationery, notebooks and notelets from Andy Beck Images

We are introducing a limited range of products to begin with. These all feature some new pen and watercolour images. Produced recently from my own references obtained locally. We have opted to use popular subjects: Swaledale sheep, highland cow and donkeys. We know that these characters are popular in my photographs and paintings so it seems like the right line of images to begin the range.

A5 notebook variety pack of 3

The range of stationery includes A5 and A6 notebooks, notelets and open edition prints. We have kept the range fairly limited at this time but we have plans to expand in the near future. We have endeavoured to keep the products as environmently sound as possible. The notebooks and notelets are printed on recycled paper and card using eco-friendly (vegetable oil based) inks. They are produced here in the UK.

You can find the details of the notebooks and notelets here

In addition to the stationery items we have used the three images to produce a range of open edition prints. These prints are all printed locally and each one is signed by me. They are supplied in a soft white mount which is ready to fit in an “off the shelf” frame of a standard 16″ x 12″ size.

Just Donkeys print, Donkey print by Andy Beck

They will make great gifts for those who like this sort of fun subject. Why not have a look at this range here

We are currently working on increasing the range of products and subject. These will all be added to our stores, here on the website, on our other online stores such as Etsy and Facebook and of course on our stand at the events we plan to attend throughout the year.

This is a totally new line of products for us. We would be more than happy to hear what you think. Maybe you have suggestions for good subjects to include on future products. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Excellent addition to your portfolio, onwards and upwards

    • Thanks Andy, the reaction to this range has been really positive so far. We are looking forward to getting out to more events over the summer with these products and more 🙂

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