Layers of Fells

Layers of Fells- A “Guess the fell” Special

As many of you will know, we have been really busy recently at a variety of shows and events across the north of England. It has been great to meet many of you who follow me either through this website or via my Andy Beck Images Facebook page and other social media platforms.

Just last weekend we attended the Keswick Mountain Festival. For this event I printed off and framed one of my many fell-walking images. Just for a bit of fun we made it as a sort of “Guess the Fell” for those who visited our stand. As you may know, each year I put together a very popular quiz on this idea in December so this was sort of an out of season teaser.

We have loads of folk coming in, studying the image and trying to work out the fells and location in the photograph. Of all the guesses not one person got it fully correct. So by request I am posting it here for you all to have a go at.

Layers of Fells

All you had to do is name as many “Wainwright*” fells which can be seen in this photo (Click on the image to enlarge it). I didn’t offer a prize at the KMF but I have decided that the person who identifies them all correctly will win a full size unframed copy of this print (it measures 28″ wide). If there is more than one fully correct entry I will pull the winners name out of a hat from all those names.

* For this competition “Wainwright” fells are any which feature as an individual chapter in any of Wainwright’s Pictorial Guides.

The competition is now closed. Thank you to everyone who took part. It was a bit of a toughie and despite some great answers no one got all of the fells correct- there were 10 in total. The nearest answers came from Don Dawber, Kevin Potts and Shane Wilkinson, great efforts. The fells that threw people were Black Combe which appears in the Outlying Fells Pictorial Guide and the fell that I was standing on….High Sreet.

Here is the annotated photo:

Well done everyone, thanks for taking part. If you enjoy this sort of challenge then do keep an eye on this website for this year’s official “Guess the Fell”. As usual, it will run through December and there will be some great prizes for the winners. Subscribe to the website and you will be informed when the quiz is up and running.

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