Best of January 2020

Already we are well into 2020. Is it just because I am getting old or does the time now seem to fly by? Fortunately at the turn of the year I decided to make the most of my days and set myself the challenge of getting out every day (after all, Bailey still needs his walks). Despite having a comprehensive archive of photographs which I could call upon to provide me with inspiration for my artwork I decided to get out and explore more.

It would be far to easy to sit in the studio and re-edit old shots and post them up on social media for the sake of a few likes and shares. People are wise to that. I wanted new material, not just for myself but for those who kindly follow me across the various online platforms.

As a result, I have been out everyday so far this year whatever the weather. Admittedly I have concentrated for now on my home patch of Teesdale but that is due to the fact that I need new references for an new art project which I am working on. More news on that will follow shortly.

Not every day provides award winning shots but there isn’t a day where I do not get inspired with new ideas for sketches or paintings. These will be uploaded onto my Andy Beck Artist website when they are produced. I have put this selection together of just some of the photographic images from the month of January which have had a great response across my pages on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. All of the images are available to purchase in the Teesdale Collections either the Colour range or the Black and White range

Click on any images to open the selection in a Lightbox display.

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