Andy Beck Artwork

“Sketching and painting is something that I have enjoyed since I was a youngster, I even recall spending my summer holidays cycling near my boyhood home and finding a good quiet place to sit and sketch – someday I will return to those places to relive those days.”  Recently Andy has become known for his work on the Wainwrights in Colour which has been the sole output of his artwork- see The Wainwrights in Colour page. However, he does produce work on a variety of subjects, mostly involving the landscape and wildlife of the regions which he has visited on his travels. Once the project has been completed he will return to painting these scenes which inspire him in his day to day work. There is now a new website dedicated to all my artwork: why not take a look?

Below is just a sample of some of his work for the days before The Wainwrights in Colour. (All these sketches are sold and no longer available)

Click on the image for larger view.

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